Common Benefits of Cosmetic Jaw Surgery That You Should Know About! 

If you or one of your loved ones is experiencing daily jaw pains, then it may be a sign that corrective jaw surgery is necessary to fully alleviate the symptoms. Although it is an unfortunate scenario to have to undergo surgery, there are many different benefits of this type of surgery that are incredibly important for a patient’s long-term health.

We’ve teamed up with the experts at Dallas Surgical Arts to develop this list of common benefits oriented around jaw surgery, so take it from the specialists in that these are the benefits that you should keep in mind!

Prolonged Pain Relief

One of the most common causes for needing jaw re-alignment surgery is to alleviate substantial amounts of jaw pain that people experience on a daily basis. Many people experience TMJ disorder and other dentofacial deformities that end up putting a lot of stress and strain on their jaw joints. This then leads to a decreased range of motion, frequent popping, misalignment and general pain each and every day!

The good news is that corrective jaw surgery will go a very long way when it comes to realigning an individual’s jaw and ensuring that it’s in fact properly placed. Once the jaw gets put back into the correct positioning, the patient will undoubtedly experience a decrease in pain for years to come.

Improved Bite

When an individual’s jaw isn’t properly aligned, it makes chewing and biting much more difficult. Bite functionality is very important for our overall health, and some people end up having difficulty when it comes to eating certain types of foods. But when they have their jaws repositioned via surgery, they end up obtaining a much healthier bite that allows them to more easily swallow food.

This then helps people enjoy food much more, which can reduce the likelihood of digestive problems and unhealthy diets.

Reduced Tooth Wearing

You’ll be able to give your teeth a much-needed break when you properly realign your jaw, and this is because your teeth will be working twice as hard as they should when your jaw functionality isn’t correct. This subsequently leads to your teeth wearing down exponentially faster, which can lead to issues like decay, damage and eventually tooth loss.

Corrective jaw surgery does a wonderful job at helping an individual evenly spread out the overall amount of pressure that goes with each bite, and evening out this type of bite pressure will then lead to even pressure amongst your teeth and decrease chances of wearing.

Improved Pronunciation  

jaw surgery houston tx is also directly connected to an individual’s overall ability to speak and pronunciate words. A lot of people with misaligned jaws and teeth end up having difficulty when it comes to shaping out certain words correctly, which can subsequently be pretty embarrassing and affect a person’s self-esteem.

The good news is that jaw alignment surgery can alleviate these types of symptoms and help an individual improve their overall speech patterns, which can have a ripple effect in terms of their livelihood and self-confidence levels.

Better Sleep

Misaligned jaws can end up being the root cause of sleep apnea for countless people, which of course can be dangerous and lead to lower quality sleep. When your airways are obstructed, it’ll inevitably make nighttime breathing much more difficult than it truly ought to be. Of course when a person doesn’t get enough sleep or doesn’t get good quality sleep, they end up experiencing lifestyle issues like high blood pressure, mood problems, concentrating difficulties, obesity, depression and heart problems.

When a person gets corrective jaw surgery, they can trust that their specialist will help them improve their breathing and clear up any blockages that could be affecting their airways. This then has a direct impact on sleep apnea and the individual’s overall ability to get a good night’s rest each night.

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There’s so much that people should keep in mind when it comes to jaw surgery, and the good news is that modern technology has made this type of corrective surgery painless and very effective.

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