Exercise tips for Diabetes

Whether or not you are diabetic, exercise is vital to maintaining the body’s metabolism and at the same time, control the blood sugar levels to the minimal levels. This also helps to lose weight and improves balance. You can also do simple exercises like the tai chi exercise where you balance the entire body on a leg or more complex. You can also use different instruments like Dr. Ho’s Circulation Promoter (dr ho’s products) that you can work to improve your back posture and also works on improving the waist site.

If you live an inactive lifestyle, the chance of developing diabetes increases by several folds because it is noticed that people who do not perform any sort of physical activity do become obese and overweight, therefore raising the chances of contracting diabetes.

Exercise Tips

Tips to follow if you do perform the daily exercise and you are a diabetic patient.

  1. There are a lot of activities to perform, therefore plan out the list of physical workouts you will be doing to keep yourself healthy. This may include swimming, dancing, yoga, walking, etc. Just make sure that the exercises you do improve your heart rate and metabolism and you notice any changes within yourself after every workout.
  1. Get your physician’s approval before you start these workouts because as mentioned earlier, these exercises will have an effect on your heart rate and also affect other parts of the body. Hence a visit to a doctor is a must to make sure that you are ready for it. They will also analyze whether you will need to change your meal plan, insulin or medicines. They can also tell you during which part of the day, your workout will be most effective.
  1. Always have a carbohydrate snack with you while you go out on the workout. This can be a fruit or fruit drink-this will be necessary when the blood sugar levels fall.
  1. Start increasing your workout time gradually if you are starting new because the body will not be able to cope up with sudden stress on it on the very first day of training.
  1. Continue the routine of having your meal according to the diet followed by the medicine and workouts every day to maintain the constant blood glucose levels.
  1. Stop immediately if you feel any sort of sudden pain and consult with a doctor immediately.

The benefits of exercise will be as follows:

  1. It will lower the blood pressure
  2. Improve the blood flow
  3. Strengthen muscle and bones
  4. Have a calming effect
  5. Cuts bad cholesterol and raises good cholesterol levels

Final Word

When you perform the physical workouts, the body will require extra energy from the sugar present in the blood. The muscles and liver release glucose if you try to do something that requires extra effort like jumping over a high pole.

If you perform regular exercises over a longer time period, the body will use up more glucose, therefore, lowering the blood glucose levels in the body.