Have You Heard About The 12-12 Seed Technique – Know If It Is a Good Idea

There are many growers, indoors and outdoors. Indoor growing is considered to be easier and one can achieve a lot of things with the help of indoor growing without wasting much time. The indoor growers are looking for speedier ways to grow their weed indoors, despite of their space limitations. There is nothing to fret as it is very much possible. These days, the 12-12 seed technique is quite popular among the growers. This is technique where the vegetative phase of the growing is skipped.

Let us now see what does this technique mean

The 12-12 seeds technique comes in play when the photoperiod cannabis strains, which are grown with feminized marijuana seeds. They reach the flowering stage based on their light cycle. To reconsider such cycles, the indoor growers look forward to use different light cycles so that the vegetative stages are made shot and the flowering phase is pushed into it. Thus, they use 18-6 light cycle to keep their plants in vegetative phase for two to four weeks and then switch to a 12-2 cycle for the flowering stage. In this cycle, the plants receive equal amount of lights and darkness.

This is a standard indoor growing method for hundreds of years and there is nothing so innovative about that. Thus, the growers use a cultivation technique known as 12-12 From Seed method. The way the name suggests, in this method, the initial vegetative phase is skipped and the plants are forced to enter into flowering.

Let us now see the advantages and disadvantages of this 12-12 seed method:


The first advantage of this method is that, it can save up to 5 weeks of the grower. This saves time along with the power. This is also good for the environment as the vegetative phase is reduced up to a great extent. Further, with this system you can ensure that the cannabis plant has fewer leaves and this makes them easier to harvest and they appear good as well. That is why, the indoor cultivation system works best for the indoor cultivation.

In this method, each part of the plant is exposed to light and it goes right in the ground.

There is less problem in pruning because you do not find any resinous leaves to process.

Plants are quite easy to handle.

The cultivation is even possible in small space.

You save a lot of money in maintenance.

Now before you think of growing gelato strain seed with this method, look at the disadvantage as well:

The only disadvantage of this method is that you need to spend a lot of money. If you really want to spend so much on this, you can go about this method as it is quite useful.