Emergency Tips: The Three C’s Rule

When you cover some good erste hilfe kurse münchen, you can be ready and confident in your actions and help the dear people or some passers-by. Yet, it is not enough to learn all the first aid principles and strategies but be able to come up with the correct assistance in the emergency case. That  is why many hacks and associations were created to help you to keep helpful tips in mind with no hurdles. The same goes about the rule of three C’s: check, call, and care, the basics of emergency help. 


There are two things to check while in the middle of an emergency: the surrounding and the victim. Before entering the emergency scene, check whether the surrounding is safe enough for you to participate. Otherwise you can harm yourself or bring other people in danger. Checking the suffering person includes breathing and pulse revision. This gives you a prompt on further actions. So, you may need to perform CPR or apply any other first aid treatment based on your observations.


The best help is to bring professionals to the emergency scene. So, your primary action is to call emergency services so that they can come as soon as possible. Collect all possible information about emergency surrounding and conditions and check the current victims’ state, including breathing, pulse, presence of wounds and injuries, and more, and deliver the data clearly to appropriate emergency specialists. 


After you are ready with the first two C’s, it is a matter of life and death to care about the victims. Check the breathing and pulse. Administer CPR according to approved instructions and führerschein erste hilfe kurs, stop bleeding, and apply all the necessary first aid principles and strategies. This way you can save lives and prevent further complications before the specialized help takes care.