How to Calculate your Bone Strength and how to make it Strong

Digital composite of Highlighted ankle of woman on treadmill
Digital composite of Highlighted ankle of woman on treadmill

Bone is a vital part of our body. It gives structure and stability, and for this reason, we can run, walk and sit in a very efficient manner. Most of the times we ignore the health of our bone, and we do not take much care of it.

But this backfires when we become old, and we start to experience extreme pain in our bones. To avoid such issues, we always need to check and take care of our bone health. But how do you check the health of your bone?

There are many new service providers who have used technology to the fullest and have come up with unique ways of how to check your bone health. Now with the help of Xray, DXA or MRI, these service providers can give a detailed report about your bone strength and health. Now with modern checkup methods you will not only know about your bone density, but you will also know the health condition of your bones.

If your bones are not strong enough, then you risk the chance of forming Osteoporosis. In this condition, your bone becomes weak and brittle, and you will risk breaking your bones even at a minor impact or accident. Therefore, it is essential to always check on your bone health and opt for ways of strengthening it.

In this post, we will discuss a few methods which can help you to increase your strength and bone health.

  • Pumping Weights is not the only Solution

To increase your inner core strength, the first thing that hits our mind is pumping iron at the gym. Yes, it is one way of improving your core strength but its not the only method. If you are a beginner and not confident of hitting the gym, then you don’t need to worry. There are many gyms that assist beginners.

You can even start strength improvement exercises at home. The First and the second month, opt for freehand exercises like push ups and pull ups, etc. Once your strength starts improving, add a few weights to our exercise chart.

  • Be open to Criticism

There is one significant advantage of going to the gym! You will get to know where you are going wrong, as well as you will get to hear criticism from your trainer. You should take these criticisms as motivating factors and work on your shortcomings. Opting for regular strength training exercises can help you to gain more bone strength.


  • Improve your Diet

Increase the intake of calcium as it helps to prevent Osteoporosis. But before opting for any diet change, it is always better to consult a dietician.

Therefore, from the above, we have concluded that we need to opt to keep a check on our bone health and opt for strength training to improve our bone strength.