Why is it Mandatory to Visit a Physiotherapist Post Injury?

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Inevitably, human body is quite resilient. Our bodies are quite capable of recovering from major damages like broken bones as well. Keeping this in mind, many people tend to neglect their body after injury, believing that visiting a physiotherapy will only accelerate healing tissues and cost more money. But the speedy recovery is only one aspect of healing and no matter if our body is capable of self-healing, injury repairing is just more than a straightforward process. We have listed the reasons to why you should visit Care Axis physiotherapist after an injury.


  • The ability to sense your body position is termed as proprioception is often hampered with after an injury and it can be restored with a therapy


Impacted proprioception is a huge factor caused by injuries. There may be times when you feel one of your body part goes numb after an injury. This is the reason why. Hence, you need to visit a physiotherapist so that you can enroll for a specific exercise program to get your proprioception back on track. 


  • Scar tissue can easily be formed without treatment


Scar tissue can cause pain and make the skin, muscles and ligaments stiff. Going for physiotherapy can keep the excessive scarring from forming at bay by paying heed to the advice related to movement, massage and hands-on treatments.


  • Following bad practices and habits when recovering from an injury


When in pain, our body often changes the way we perform at a few tasks and this may lead to poor development of movement patterns and muscle imbalances. Even though the pain has vanished, these new and unhealthy patterns may stay and cause more problems ahead.


  • Once you have healed completely, your body may still not work the way it used to


After an injury, your ligaments may be lax, your joints may get stiffer and muscles become weaker as well. The pain may have totally gone, but a few factors need to be look at to keep the major issues at bay. 


  • Injuries never heal completely


It may happen rarely that injuries may not self heal on their own. The very serious instance of this is a fracture where it cannot heal if the bone is not kept stationery. Other factors that may hinder an injury from healing entail diabetes, poor circulation, improper care of the injury and poor diet.