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How Doctors and Nurses Can Improve India’s Healthcare through Crowdfunding

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The crowdfunding industry has the unique potential to bring together the people of a community or even a country to fuel a solution to a persisting problem. Nonprofits, individuals in need, charity organizations and many more entities have witnessed this firsthand through their own campaigns.

Crowdfunding India is a goldmine for the healthcare industry. A majority of Indian households are unable to access quality healthcare facilities due to steep financial demands posed by hospitals. While most underprivileged households earn no more than Rs 8-10,000 per month, the treatment of a single cancer or organ failure patient can cost up to Rs 20 lakh, an unimaginable sum for most Indian families.

As they struggle to pay these medical bills, these patients and their families slip deeper into the clutches of poverty. Or worse, they choose to not get treatment at all and simply suffer through their condition. Medical crowdfunding India platforms like Impact Guru offer a risk-free, convenient solution to such patients: raise money online from friends, family, colleagues and strangers without the burden of payback!

At least 10,000 patients in need of financial help turned to crowdfunding in 2017 to afford their medical bills and the number goes up every year. The next step is to get doctors and nurses involved as well!

Crowdfunding ideas for doctors and nurses

Patients being able to afford their medical bills aren’t the only problem we need to worry about in the healthcare industry. There also exists the issue of unsatisfactory healthcare facilities. Hospitals that provide top notch medical care are few in number, and largely limited to the metropolitan cities. Many crowdfunding platforms like Impact Guru have witnessed patients from rural areas being forced to fly down to Mumbai, Bengaluru or Delhi to get the treatment they need. Doctors and nurses working in rural areas and tier-2 cities like Patna and Kharagpur can collectively run crowdfunding campaigns to afford better medical technology in their hospitals and clinics. Not only will this help more patients, but it will improve their own practice as well.

Not all clinics and hospitals are equipped to perform adequate diagnosis tests for different kinds of cancer and other conditions. Healthcare workers can turn to crowdfunding India and encourage their community to contribute so that they can offer better service by equipping their clinics with the technology needed to perform these tests.

Doctors in small-scale rural healthcare facilities can note down the kind of obstacles they face while providing service to their patients and crowdfund to afford solutions. Do patients complain about a lack of hygiene? Is there a kind of equipment that can provide a more quick or pain-free treatment? Can certain tools and machines aid in accuracy while diagnosing or giving medical care? Doctors can research on solutions and run a campaign to afford them!

Quick and useful medical crowdfunding tips to follow

Promote your campaign not only with your family and friends, but with the community at large as well. Send emails and personal messages to every patient, explaining in detail how this solution is important and how it will benefit them.

Once you’ve launched your fundraiser, talk to your patients in person as they come to you, explain how crowdfunding works and ask them to spread the word about your campaign among their family and friends.

Start with a humble goal amount. Donors may get discouraged by a larger goal and believe that their small contribution won’t make an impact. Once you raise a decent amount, you can always increase your goal on select platforms like Impact Guru!

Happy crowdfunding!