Who Uses Silicone Nectar Collectors, Why, And How?

Who wouldn’t want the joy that comes from consuming tasty concentrates without the usual hassles? Because silicone nectar collectors are now accessible, you may now take advantage of this experience in a creative manner. They are a piece of dabbing gear that allows you to enjoy the scent, flavour, and effects of your chosen concentrates without having to constantly refill a dab rig. Directly heating the concentrate with a butane flame is an option for the user of a dab rig equipped with a nectar collector. This style of dab contraption is called as a “nectar collector.” After the concentrate has been heated to the point where it vaporises, the resultant vapour is inhaled via the mouthpiece. The ingestion of your concentrates will be more straightforward and more productive with this strategy.

Silicone nectar collectors

The nectar collector has been around for millennia, in case you were unaware of that fact. The first one built was made of stone. In any case, the silicone nectar collector is a relatively new innovation in the industry. In recent years, silicone objects have witnessed a boom in demand that has been nothing short of stratospheric. This is because they give a broad array of benefits to their consumers. For example, it is resilient and requires little effort to maintain clean. They are also much smaller and easier to transport than dab rigs, so you can use them anywhere.

Need for Nectar Gatherer

A nectar collector is a device used to collect the resin that forms during the distillation of your chosen flowers and concentrates. The full flavour and effects of your concentrates may now be enjoyed without the hassle of loading a dab rig. One of the main elements in these devices’ sudden ascent to popularity is how simple they are to operate. A silicone nectar collector consists of the tip, the body, and the mouthpiece. The butane flame is used to heat the tip, and then the concentrate is vaporised using the tip. At that point, the vapour is inhaled via the vaporizer’s mouthpiece. Start out by focusing little effort.


A little amount of concentrate is suggested as a starting point for those new to utilising a nectar collector. As a consequence, you won’t have to waste any of your money on unnecessary items and may instead assess the outcomes. In case you find you need more, you can always purchase it as an optional extra. Also, the quantity of concentrate that can be vaporised at once is inversely related to the size of the device tip, so that’s something to think about as well. The reduced surface area of the tip means less concentrate is required for vaporisation. Larger vaporizer tips allow for the evaporation of more concentrate at once.