What Lash Stylists and Ophthalmologists Say about Eyelash Extensions

Those who are new to lash extensions but are curious about them so that they can have them in the near future would definitely feel glad to hear about them straight from the horse’s mouth i.e. lash stylists and even ophthalmologists. So, here are a few important bits of information.

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What are Eyelash Extensions?

Remember that eyelash extensions are different from false eyelashes which are temporary and can be applied on your own.

Lash extensions should be applied by a professional, one or more on each of the natural lashes, using a semi-permanent adhesive.

These extensions add length and volume to your lashes which they don’t have naturally, but your face deserves.

How to Attend Your First Appointment?

Expect your first appointment to be quite long, at least of 90 minutes or even 2 hours.

While arriving for the first appointment (and even for every appointment after that) keep your eyes entirely clean of makeup.

Lash stylists ask clients to avoid caffeine before coming for the appointment.

They recommend bringing a playlist, podcast or taped book instead, because you get a great opportunity to disconnect from the world while lying still which you should benefit from.

Also they recommend switching your phone to airplane mode so that it won’t keep buzzing with notifications that you cannot attend for next two hours.

Also considering the intricate logistics of disconnecting yourself in the middle of the procedure, it’s advisable to visit the restroom just before the starting of the procedure.

Image Courtesy: fancylash.net


To start with, your stylist will make you lie down on your back and make you comfortable. She’ll apply under-eye stickers, pads or tape to shield your bottom lashes.

You have to keep your eyes closed during the procedure while your lash technician will apply each extension with tweezers.

You may feel a bit uncomfortable but only for a few minutes with a realisation that a sharp, metal object is working so close to your eyeball.

However, once you get adjusted to this, you may even find yourself dozing off, as the process is so gentle.

You may be awakened only by a breeze of a small fan that the stylist will point at your lashes to help the adhesive dry out.

What do Ophthalmologists Say about Lash Extensions?

Ophthalmologists don’t have a problem if people try to look gorgeous with lash extensions like the best eyelash extensions at Fancy Lash. But they say that people should know the risks involved.

The risks include possibilities of temporary or permanent loss of the lashes, trauma and infection to the eyelid or even the cornea and allergic reactions to the adhesives, which may contain formaldehyde.

If you are very much interested in getting lash extensions, and have got otherwise healthy eyes and eyelids, ophthalmologists recommend inquiring about the ingredients of the glue before the application.

Your technician will most probably do a spot test on the inner side of your wrist. But if she doesn’t, you should request for it.

Whether you choose classic, volume or hybrid lash extensions from Fancy Lash, you can take all necessary precautions and then enjoy the beautiful lashes.