What Is Drug Screening And Why Is It Needed?

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A drug screening test is a method that decides whether there is alcohol or drug level in the body. To test the levels, different kinds of techniques are used which include collection and analyzing of urine, blood, hair, saliva, etc. These tests are widespread to check professional sports players. Some of the great drugs that are tested for are marijuana, cocaine, opioids, etc. 

The Reason Why The Drug Should Be Taken

Drug tests are done to confirm if a person has taken any kind of drug. Some employers get their employees to take drug tests before they employ them. This is to make sure that the worker is not an addict and does not come to work under the influence of drugs. This test is also mandatory for sportspersons to ensure that they are not taking energy building drugs to perform better. 

In the case of insurance claims or accidents, drug tests are on the victim to ensure that the application is fair. Opioids are taken as pain killers taken by the doctors if the pain is chronic. However, a doctor can ask you to take an include drug test to make sure that there is no overdose of the prescribed medicine. 

When Should You Take The Drug Screening Test?

A person may be asked to take a drug screening test as part of an investigation, insurance claim, and at the time of joining any sport. Some techniques symptoms can determine that a person is under the influence of drugs. These include panic attacks, agitation, slow speech, dilated pupils, nausea, fluctuation in blood pressure, breathing problems, etc. 

What To Expect

Usually, the method of taking urine is done for this kind of test. A sample of urine is taken from the suspect or the concerned person and sent to the lab to do the test. The medical technician can also take a blood sample to check if any drug is present in the body and to how much level. 

Are There AnyDangers Involved In The Test?

There are no risks involved while taking the test. However, it can help in improving the lifestyle of the person through rehabilitation therapy if the results are found to be positive. But there are chances that one may have to go through the tests again if the results do not come out properly. 

Medical Centers That Specialize In These Tests

Some medical centers specialize in drug screening tests and other tests. These medical centers use sterilized equipment to take the tests. https://ameriimmunization.com/ can be visited to book your appointments and know more about these tests.