What are the Effects, Dangers & Consequences of Smoking?

Originally, cigarettes (rokok) are a product that was made with the aim to increase our body warmness especially during the cold season. Nowadays, cigarettes are being sold to almost every country in this world. It is widely used nowadays as a tool to relieve stress. Besides, it is not only smoked by the adults, even the elderly and some children are exposed to cigarettes. This has become a major problem because we all know the dangers and consequences that it possesses. Cigarettes contain too many chemical properties inside it. The main property includes tar, a very dangerous and harmful substance to our body. So, obviously this will be very bad for our health. In this article, you will learn more about the effects, dangers and consequences of smoking.

  1. Lung damage

It is not surprising to know that smoking can damage the lung. This is true because as we smoke, the smoke and all the chemical ingredients will get into the lung, making it susceptible to injuries. Studies have shown that smoking cigarettes will result in 25% risk of developing lung cancer when compared to a normal person. Besides, other lung diseases that a smoker can get includes COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary obstruction), emphysema, bronchitis and also asthma attack.

  1. Heart disease

Heart disease, or better known as cardiovascular disease can be the other danger for smoking. People who smoke cigarettes are widely exposed to tar, one of the major substances in a cigarette. Tar is a substance that can damage the blood vessels, making it susceptible to clotting. When a clot is formed, the blood cannot flow normally. This is the reason why smokers usually will suffer from heart disease. This, in turn, will lead to other complications such as heart attack, angina or stroke.

  1. Fertility problems

Smoking not only affects the fertility for men, it also can affect women fertility. When a man smokes, he will have a higher chance of getting erectile dysfunction. This is mainly due to the tobacco and harmful substances in the cigarette. Not just that, smoking also will decrease the sperm’s quality making it susceptible to infertility. As mentioned before, women can also get fertility problems by smoking. Smoking can damage women’s reproductive systems and make it harder for them to get pregnant.

  1. Pregnancy complications

Not just fertility problems, smoking can also affect women in different ways. Pregnant women who smoke can affect pregnancy and also their fetus in many ways. These include increasing the risk of ectopic pregnancy, preterm delivery, sudden infant death, congenital deficiencies, organs damage and reduced baby weight.

  1. Type 2 diabetes

Nowadays, diabetes has become a major concern worldwide especially in most of the developed countries in this world. People with diabetes will have a higher chance of developing other diseases, hence increasing healthcare workload. One of the main factors of diabetes is smoking. It is known that smoking can increase the risk of getting type 2 diabetes by 30 to 40%. Hence, for people with diabetes, it is recommended to stop smoking immediately as this will help improve your health.

  1. Poor oral hygiene

When you look at the teeth of a heavy smoker, you will notice that their oral hygiene is very bad. This is because smoking contains a lot of properties that can stain the teeth, making it look very yellowish in colour. Besides, those who smoke also will have increased risk of having gum problems. They might experience symptoms such as swollen, tender and bleeding gums while they will also lose some teeth or have sensitive teeth.