Visa Extension During COVID-19 Outbreak

As the world continuously faces the rapid transmission of the COVID-19, various countries worldwide decided to put travel restrictions on halt, closing off national and international borders. 

In line with this, safety measures such as the need for pcr test, stricter airport screening, and quarantine protocols were implemented to ensure that it will contain the virus and hopefully slow the rate of exporting the virus to other countries.

Today, people will not be permitted to travel and cross international borders without taking a fit to fly covid test. Such testscan be taken at home using a testing kit or contact a health care provider to administer the testing. 

After taking the test, a fit to fly certificate is then issued as proof that a person is negative for the presence of COVID-19.It is essential to bring a copyof the negative COVID test to the airport to board the flight easily. 

Moreover, governments have already expected further significant economic decline, and they have many issues they have to address; one of them is caused by the prolonged travel restriction. 

As a result, many people cannot travel back to their home country as they have a visa about to expire or have already passed validity. 

This problem prompted governments to propose extending visas for foreign nationals if they apply for a visa extension. Along with the permission to stay within the country’s border, they are in; they are subjected to follow specific measures. 

Of course, the visa extension is not easily granted to anyone as people would have to apply for relevant consent to stay in the country they are currently visiting. If found eligible, they submit the permission to stay application form. 

Applying for a visa extension should be before the current visa expires. For people who have already overstayed their visas, there are various things they have to do. 

For more information about the visa extension during this pandemic, read this infographic made by Harley Medic International.

Visa Extension during COVID-19 Outbreak UK Harleymedic Infographic