Signs your Friend Needs your HELP!

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Sometimes, it becomes really difficult for you to watch your friend drown in the pool of alcohol. At times, you may not even realize they need help. It doesn’t matter if they are older or younger to you; it doesn’t matter if they are a man or a woman; it doesn’t matter if they are your best friend or just another colleague you know from work; all that matters is that you care for this person and let them know that you want to help them.

But what are the signs that your friend needs help?

The first and the most important thing that you need to keep an eye on is the amount of drinks they consume to “get high.” It is okay if you are their drinking buddies; it doesn’t matter as long as you are not addicted to it. Before you tell them to visit an alcohol treatment center to get rid of their addiction, you have to learn if they are really addicted. If they drink rarely, you may not have to be worried about it. However, if they call you to their place or visit you every day to drink with you, it is an alarm.

The second thing that you need to see is whether they are always drunk. Do they always smell of alcohol? Are they always talking about grabbing a beer, even when they are at work with you? Sometimes, you won’t catch them drinking, but you would surely catch them stinking of alcohol. In such cases, you have to keep your “nose” open!

The third thing that you need to see is whether they are borrowing money from others just for the sake of meeting their alcohol addiction. They may not have enough funds to buy food or take care of their family’s expenses, but they would ensure to grab money from their loved ones, or friends and colleagues, only to satisfy their addiction for alcohol. Have they ever asked for monetary help from your end? If yes, it is time for you to talk to them about their addiction and send them to a nice alcohol treatment center.

You may think that it is quite a personal thing. You may not wish to intrude into their personal life just for the sake of sending them to an alcohol treatment center; however, what are friends for? If you are their real friend, you would want them to understand the importance of their life.