The Easiest Way to Ease Gallbladder Pain

Pain is one of the things we try to avoid most of the time. Nobody wants to feel pain, and we don’t want other people to feel pain either. It is such a difficult feeling that it has been used as methods to torture people. Physical and mental pain can be nerve wrecking. When we are young, and our bodies function properly and in a healthy way pain is minimal, we may fall or bump with a chair and feel sudden and temporary pain. This will go away, and we will be relieved to feel it does.

Sometimes pain does not go away so easily, different conditions may cause it, illnesses and ailments and it can be light, mild or severe. When organs are not working properly or when there is some blockage in conducts and organs, there is a constant and annoying pain, like the one caused by gallstones.

What are gallstones exactly?

Gallstones are pieces of minerals that create a stone inside our bodies, specifically in the gallbladder. These stones can be tiny and go unnoticed, or they can be bigger and start to cause trouble and pain in the patient.

Gallstones can be made of cholesterol or bile. Cholesterol gallstones are usually caused by a diet full of fat and not very healthy. The second type of stones is made from bilirubin a fluid that is produced by the liver and then stored in the gallbladder.

Who should be worried about gallstones?

Certain risk factors can contribute to the appearance of gallstones in a person. The first one is obesity. High cholesterol levels make it harder for the gallbladder to be empty and therefore increases the chances of getting gallstones.

A similar thing happens with birth control and hormone pills. They can make cholesterol levels to go up and therefore increase the risks just like it happens with an obese person.

There is also a tendency to suffer from gallstones if there is a family history of the condition.

So, check with your relatives if they have suffered from it, they may have already some pieces of advice for you on the matter.

Treatment for gallstones

One of the most common options is to have the gallbladder removed surgically. This is a pretty direct way of dealing with one problem, but the patient has to change diet habits because now there isn’t a place to store bile to fight fatty food. This is why many people decide to try first some gallstones home remedies to lower the pain or discomfort and also to try and dissolve stones without having the need to go to the operating room.

Apple juice

Some people have reported that drinking apple juice has helped them get rid of gallstones. This juice is said to soften gallstones and therefore allowing them to pass and be naturally eliminated from the body. Be careful, even though it is just apple juice, remember fruit contains lots of sugar and some people with sugar level problems should not drink it without the doctor’s supervision.

Gold coin grass

This herb has been traditionally linked to gallstones treatment for ages. It is part of the Chinese tradition of using natural herbs to deal with conditions and illnesses. It is apparently linked to fighting the formation of new stones, and it is also said to soften the ones that are already in the body.


Pain, in general, can be reduced by having acupuncture sessions with an expert. This includes pain caused by gallstones. After some treatment people reported feeling much better and inflammation also improved in these people.

There is also the possibility of following a treatment using prescription drugs that can be found in a pharmacy. The most important part of treatment is to remember to change the diet since this is the root of the formation of gallstones. Even if the person follows multiple treatments, the problem can continue if a constant and healthy diet is not followed.

Please bear in mind this page does not intend to replace any doctor of professional diagnosis, if you think you may be suffering from gallstones make sure to call your family doctor to get proper care and attention.