Sitz bath Therapy – An overview

If you are a person coming across with the term sitz bath therapy, do not overstretch your imagination. Sitz bath therapy refers to the simple process of sitting in water up to the hip. Sitz bath is also referred to as a hip bath. It is a therapeutic procedure. It is meant to clean and heal areas between your legs which includes the anus, vagina or scrotums.

Origin of sitz bath therapy

Sitz bath was introduced in the 1840s. The main purpose was to solve lower abdomen complaints. Warm water with Epsom salt was used. It did give relief o the users. It was considered to be a home remedy. At present sitz bath therapy is used to address several medical conditions. It is believed to improve overall health condition as well. The origin of the name, however, is from the German word sitzen that means” to sit”.

Why is sitz bath done?

The primary purpose of taking sitz bath therapy is to clean and gain relief from certain problems in the anal area, genital area and the perineium. Perenium refers to the area between the anus and vulva in women and anus and scrotum in men. Sitz bath is also helpful in increasing the blood flow to these areas. This will relax the muscles in that area. the reasons for which the sitz bath therapy is done includes

  • Easing pain and itching due to haemorrhoids
  • Easing the pain, you experience from anal fissure.
  • Soothen and clean the perineum after childbirth
  • Soothen and clean anal area and perineum after surgery
  • Relieve you off prostrate pain owing to prostatitis or after urinating bowel movements to reduce the bacterial load.
  • Reduce or relieve period cramps
  • Clean the genital areas when you cannot take a shower because of illness or surgery.
  • Treating chronic or long-term discomfort in the vaginal region without a clear cause. It would help you get rid of burning, itching, throbbing feelings in that area.

How do you take a Sitz bath?

There are two options for you to take a sitz bath in your home. they include

  • Using the bathtub
  • Using sitz bath bowl

Procedure for sitz bath in the bathtub

The steps involved in taking Sitz bath in the bathtub includes

  • Cleaning the bathtub
  • Filling the bathtub with warm water. It should be at least 3-4 inches. You may use cold water if your health official advises you to do so.
  • Adding salt or medicine. You may follow the home remedy recipe or use the one prescribed by your health care professional.
  • Checking to ensure that the temperature is comfortable for you. Lowering yourself into the bathtub and sitting comfortably in the water.

Using Sitz bath bowl

Before we go into the steps involved, let us consider the sitz bowl. It is a plastic container that you can place on a toilet. The sitz bath bowls are available in either medical supply stores. You may also get it in a few drugstores.

The steps involved include

  • Placing the sitz bowl on the rim of the toilet.
  • Filling the bowl with warm water. The temperature has to be comfortable for you.
  • Adding salt or medicine
  • Gently sit down in the water.

Even if you experience pain at first when you go in for Sitz bath, especially when you have haemorrhoids, it will be ease out with time. Use this effective therapy to reap the benefits. This would surely reduce the need to visit the doctor often for treating pain related to the above-mentioned conditions.