The Right Steps for the Obesity Issues

The XXIth century saw for the first time in the history of the human species, the number of adults overweight surpass the number of those underweight. Currently, all levels of socio-economic development combined, excess weight is progressing frighteningly in many parts of the world, so much so that we no longer hesitate to speak of a pandemic.

  • Moreover, the progression of obesity particularly affects children and adolescents, which gives an even more worrying character to this “obesomy”, and raises it to the rank of a major public health problem. Indeed, excess weight, classified among the ten main risk factors for diseases at the planetary level, constitutes a major risk in the development of type 2 diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and certain types of cancer. From the lorcaserin intermediate manufacturer factory you can have the best medicine for the proper weight loss. You can have the solutions effective.

In general, weight gain results from the establishment of an energy imbalance in the body, that is to say when the energy intake exceeds the expenditure, tipping the scales on the side of the constitution of reserves. Since food is the sole source of caloric intake and exercise the most obvious way to burn energy, it is undeniable that a healthy diet (or a balanced diet) accompanied by physical activity sufficient are essential keys in maintaining the body’s energy balance. Often this simple equation is not however enough to explain all the proponents of the problem, because overweight and obesity are the result of a complex entanglement of factors of various origins, which combine to influence the efficiency with which an individual manages his energy balance. Obesity is a complex phenomenon. Each person is different and therefore each case is unique. The diversity of cases is also a reflection of multiple causes. Which makes?

Sometimes difficult to establish a precise diagnosis on the origins of overweight and its consequences.

Extra kilos: what are the main factors?

We tend to believe that obesity is often due to an eating disorder (consumption of foods too rich in fat, sweet or salty) and a lack of physical activity. While these factors have an influence on weight, they are not the only reasons to consider. Some overweight problems are sometimes linked to medical causes. From the lorcaserin hcl manufacturer you can have the best medicines now. You can be sure of the results now.

The hereditary factor has, in fact, an importance in the overall behavior of the body. Obesity can indeed be influenced by a genetic problem. Research carried out by the CNRS has demonstrated the existence of obesity genes, which explain that this risk is higher in an individual with a family history.

Physiological problems are also partly responsible for obesity. Hormones have an influence on weight. Certain moments in life, such as puberty, pregnancy, menopause, are often linked to weight gain. Certain drug treatments can also cause abnormal weight gain.

The psychological aspect cannot be excluded: stress, anger, sadness can lead to food compulsions.