Taking a Look at Phosphorus and How It Works

The biotech firm has a team of highly-trained scientists who use genomics to improve human health. Through genetic tests, the company has helped thousands of clients avoid some diseases and live better, healthier lives. Alexander Bisignano is one of the co-founders of the company and is a respected scientist.

As the CEO of the firm, Alex’s work involves looking for the brightest minds to assist in developing innovative solutions for preventing genetic diseases. Before launching Phosphorous, he helped establish Recombine, an organization specializing in offering genetic testing for pregnant women.

The company was later sold to CooperSurgical. During his tenure at Phosphorous and Recombine, the scientist has managed to develop remarkable genotyping and innovative sequencing technologies for clinical genetics. His projects have earned him international recognition, and he has had the privilege of presenting them at various scientific programs, including the American Society of Human Genetics.

He has also been invited on various media platforms as an expert in genetic testing. Alex is a former student at Princeton University, where he majored in Molecular Biology and is a Sigma Xi member. Santigo Munne is also one of the pioneers of the biotech firm. While working at the Cornell University Medical College, the scientist developed a test, which is used to detect chromosome abnormalities.

His innovation gained popularity worldwide with time and resulted in increased implantation rates, reduced rates of spontaneous abortions, and chromosomal abnormalities. In 2001, the Phosphorous director partnered with two colleagues to launch Reprogenetics. He served the company as the director for five years. During his tenure at the organization, he oversaw its expansion to four continents.

In 2012, Dr. Mune and Alex partnered to form Recombine. One of the most remarkable inventions at the organization was a test used to screen hundreds of gene defects, allowing couples to conceive healthy babies. He acquired his Ph.D. in genetics from the University of Pittsburgh.

How Does Phosphorous Work?

Clients are allowed to provide a saliva sample from the comfort of their homes. If you need a testing kit, you can easily order it by visiting the company’s website. Once you have placed your order, a saliva collection team is sent to the address you provide during the ordering process.

The team has an easy-to-use spit kit for collecting the samples. You will also receive an email with a link and some instructions on registering your kit online. The next step involves the extraction and sequencing of your DNA by a team of laboratory specialists. Usually, it takes about three business days for the sample to be back in the company’s laboratory.

After arrival, experts at Phosphorous Diagnostics focus on extracting the DNA, amplifying the genes of interest, and sequencing. Once the process is complete, the biotech company uses advanced algorithms to analyze and interpret the data. By using millions of data-points, technicians at the firm can identify variations existing across the genes that have been sequenced.

Each of the variations that have been identified is then sequenced multiple times to ensure the accuracy of results. Once the scientists have completed processing your data, they employ advanced algorithms to review various variations that may be of high-risk. This procedure is done to ensure a proper understanding of their impact.

You will receive your report after signing off. The last step involves creating a plan with a DNA specialist. Suppose scientists find that you have high-risk genetic variations. In that case, you will be offered an opportunity to see a Board Certified Genetic Counsellor, who will recommend the best remedy to achieve the desired outcome.

According to Alex, a significant percentage of Americans have never had a medical genetic test as part of their health routines. He has strived to address various limitations that tend to prevent many people from getting access to genetic testing services, as this can enable them to live happier lives. In one of his interviews, he said that he started Phosphorous due to his reproductive genetics experience.