SHADED Co – Dispensary Reviews

The number of dispensaries for medicinal marijuana continues to rise in Canada. As a potential customer, it is crucial that you get access to businesses that offer quality products at reasonable prices. Among factors you need to consider are the variety of products, price, quality, and mail order availability. Here are examples of marijuana dispensaries in Vancouver that can complement your needs.

The Dispensary / The Vancouver Dispensary

The Dispensary is a place located in Vancouver BC that provides medicinal marijuana to both members and non-members. Currently, it has two physical locations that you can visit to access a wide array of cannabis items. The business also offers different menu items for picky customers and charge the same amount in the physical or online store. The downside is that the store continues to follow money orders or certified checks. It means that you need to order ahead of time, so you would not run out of stock.

Green Valley Medicinal

Green Valley is one of the new marijuana dispensaries in Vancouver. The business got its license last August 2016. The business aims to offer a wide range of marijuana products to customers. The company also seeks to provide related products such as tinctures, topicals, rolling papers, and high-grade bud. For you to access the products, you need to sign up online and present essential documentation such as personal MMAR, doctor’s information, and valid identification. These qualifications are necessary for Green Valley to adhere to the legal requirements for Indoor Mix Regular Seeds sale and distribution.

Green Panda

Green Panda is both a physical and online dispensary that sells medicinal marijuana in Vancouver and Toronto Canada. Their product line consists of CBD, cannabis, concentrates, edibles, and vaporizes. Like any dispensary, the store requires clients to have the necessary documentation to show that they are eligible for marijuana use. Also, the company offers products either through mail order or in-store purchases. The benefit of using Green Panda comes from the diversity of choices and your ability to choose by brand and type. Moreover, the store has a helpful FAQ section that details issues and appropriate responses by stores.


BudXpress is another of the new business specializing in the distribution of medical cannabis. The business launched in 2016 and promoted their reliable quality and service to customers. One of the best features of the company is the different deals they offer customers. In pricing, the offer discounts depending on the total price of the product. For instance, if you bought $500 worth of items, you get a 20% discount. Another example is their low free shipping minimum. Specifically, you just need to purchase a total of $175 to avail of the service.

There are different marijuana dispensaries in Vancouver that can service the needs of customers who need medicinal cannabis. The four examples above are some of the stores that can cater to your online and in-store needs. While there are other stores available, it is best to review each store and identify whether they have the inventory to complement your requirements. Also, make sure to check for quality so you will get the most out of your purchase.

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