Saliva Drugs Test? Use Oral Clear Gum TODAY!

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If you haven’t, then it is probably the right time for you to learn about the same. You can’t depend upon any other product when you have been called for a saliva drug test. Of course there are other remedies like rinsing your mouth with a mouthwash, cleaning your tongue with a cleaner and chewing random stuff to manipulate the test, but nothing works like Oral Clear Gum. If you don’t want to take a chance, this is the capsule that you need for yourself.

The worst thing about depending upon remedies like rinsing your mouth or cleaning your tongue is that you can’t do it if there are people standing in front of you. Since they don’t let you do the same, you have to find another way to do something extraordinary that they can’t see before they test you. When you use a capsule of Oral Clear Gum, you just have to be careful about the others around you. When no one’s watching and the others are doing their random tasks, you can slip a capsule into your mouth. Continue chewing it for around 30 seconds and voila – no one comes to know about your weed addiction!


How do you chew the tablet when everyone’s looking at you?

There’s another plan – since it is a saliva drug test, no one’s going to stop you from rushing into the toilet. Tell them you need to pee and go to the toilet to freshen up. Instead of carrying a huge bottle of mouthwash or a tongue cleaning object, you can slip a capsule into your pocket, go to the toilet and chew it there for 30 seconds. Since you don’t have to spend a lot of time chewing it, nobody gets to know that you have chewed something to pass the saliva drug test.

If there’s no toilet around, you can always tell them that you need to stretch your legs outside or that you have forgotten something in your car. Whatever excuses you give, make sure you don’t get caught. Don’t make a lame excuse and don’t sound too obvious. Be casual when you sneak out of the room. You just need 30 seconds and not more than that to pass this saliva drug test that you have been told to undergo.