What factors decide the level of clean room you need ?

Companies involved in manufacturing, testing, and releasing sterile products must understand the concept of clean room design. Also, various factors affect the level of cleanroom you should know. The most known factors are the legal requirements you need for your cleanroom. Read and learn the primary factors that decide the level of cleanroom you need.


Every cleanroom must comply with the industrial standards. Also, there are agencies that follow through with checking if your cleanroom meets the industrial standards. Meanwhile, ensuring the cleanroom meets industrial standards will endear organizations to partner with you. In most jurisdictions clean rooms that don’t meet certain standards will be shut down. Sometimes the operators of the clean room that don’t meet industry standards are penalized.

Customer requirements

Even though there are industrial standards for every cleanroom, you need to also consider a customer’s specifications. However, ensure that customers’ cleanroom requirements meet the government policies or regulations. In other words, the customer’s requirement should conform to industry standards and regulations.

Ease of cleaning

Your cleanroom design should be easy to clean. Ensure that those who want to work in the clean room have enough room to clean and fix any repairs. Furthermore, ease of cleaning is paramount. Usually, ease of cleaning is one of the cleanroom qualification that your facility must meet. If the clean room is difficult to clean then the purpose of creating this space will be eliminated. The clean room should have enough leg space so you can move around and make sure it is always tidy.

Restrictions of access

Even if the cleanroom should have ease of cleaning, there should be restrictions to access certain aspects of the room. Cleanrooms are highly restricted areas, and this should be considered. Not everyone is allowed to enter into a clean room. Allowing all authorized individuals to access the clean room will defeat the purpose of creating it. Also, anyone who wants to enter the Green room must wash their hands or carry out certain hygienic procedures.


The temperature of a clean room should be moderate or customize to suit the purpose of the space. A clean room usually is not too hot or cold but it’s temperature is determined by what it’s used for at the time. More so, a clean room is supposed to have a regulator to either increase the temperature or reduces it.


Finally, a cleanroom is a sensitive area requiring high expertise and maintenance. Other factors that determine a cleanroom include humidity, temperature, etc. One of the factors that contaminate a clean room is unauthorized entry by personnel. Also, if the water used in the manufacturing process is contaminated it could affect the clean room.

Meanwhile if you have static electricity charge then most of your equipment may not work thereby causing contamination in the three room. Poor ventilation is one of the banes of clean rooms. Your clean room should be properly ventilated to avoid contamination.