Replacement Options for Common Problems of Teeth

Due to many factors, one can lose its teeth, and this can be a major reason for a distorting smile. This can cause pain and later also causes issues related to chewing and digestion of food. In the adult population, this can be countead as a common problem and the probability of those who are not suffering now can likely suffer in the future is also increasing. There are plenty of solutions and options which can be helpful in dealing with this problem. People can visit for tooth extraction in Maple Ridge and get rid of the one which contains the cavity.

Dental Implant Option

To replace the missing tooth, dental implants can be considered as the most solid option. The artificially developed teeth can replace the missing natural teeth and they get inserted in the jawbone in order to support the replaced crown. This is helpful in the case where either one or multiple teeth are missing. This treatment requires surgery and it can be a bit of expensive.

Cheaper Dental Bridge Option

In comparison to dental implants, a dental bridge can be considered to be the cheaper option for tooth loss replacement. A bridge is used when multiple teeth are missing and there is enough support. They can be placed between the implants. They feel like natural teeth, functions well and are easy to maintain. If extreme care is not taken, then these bridges might also trap food.

Removable Dentures Option

The partial denture can be removable and is used to replace the one or more teeth missing in the same arch whether the teeth are adjacent to each other or not. The metal clasps are being used which gets fit over the existing teeth to hold them to a place and they can be visible at the time of smile or while speaking. It can be a short-term option and fairly cheap. You can visit for tooth extraction in Maple Ridge before it’s too late.