How to Choose the Right Electric Wheelchair Suitable to your Needs

Wheelchairs have been a boon to the physically disabled people. Have you been unable to walk or move due to some disability or medical condition? You should rest assured that Electric wheelchair would be your best bet for commutation needs. The electric wheelchair would help you move around nearly everywhere and anywhere.

Electric wheelchairs would enable you to move anywhere you wish to without any person’s assistance. Therefore, it would be all the more imperative to choose the right electric wheelchair suitable to your commutation needs.

Find below a few imperative aspects to consider when searching for the best electric wheelchair for your specific needs.

Heavy-Duty, Full-Size or Portable Electric Wheelchair

When choosing the right wheelchair for your needs, you should consider the one based on your use. Would you be using it all day long? Would you require it seldom? How often do your travel by car?

·         Heavy-Duty

In case, you were heavy, the heavy-duty is the right one for you. It has been specifically designed keeping in mind the weight of the user. It entails larger seats, footrests, and armrests.

·         Full-size

If you were planning to spend most of your time on the wheelchair, you should consider full-size Electric wheelchair [ รถเข็นไฟฟ้า, Which is the term in Thai ]. They would usually comprise larger seats, footrests, and armrests along with additional comfort and padding.

·         Portable

The portable wheelchair would be front or rear wheel drive. It could be folded for quick dissembling and stored in the trunk of your car with ease. However, these chairs are smaller and most suited for apartments, malls or cruises.

Drive options

You would be given the option to choose from front wheel drive, mid-wheel drive, and rear wheel drive options. It would be your best bet to choose the one suitable to your specific needs and requirements in the best possible manner.


The environment you live in would also be determined while choosing the electric wheelchair. In case, you wish to use the wheelchair indoors, it should maneuver and fit indoors with ease. On the other hand, when used outdoors, the wheelchair should come equipped with large tires and casters for a smooth traveling experience.

Seating position

Your seating position would also help you determine the right electric wheelchair for you. It would be pertinent to mention here that you would be given the choice of choosing from tilt-in-space or reclining seating position options.

Controlling the wheelchair

Your choice of the wheelchair should provide control through joystick or keypad.

The aforementioned tips would enable you to choose the right electric wheelchair suitable for your needs.