Plantar Warts How to Identify & Treat Them

There are different contagious and less harmful diseases you can think of. Among these diseases, plantar warts are the most common and usually caused by a virus of the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) group. There are different types of warts that affect different people and in different ways. Most warts will make you feel uncomfortable or lose confidence.

What many people may not know is plantar warts is a common type of warts, and it appears on your feet. This type of warts is not a serious health concern and can easily go away without any kind of treatment. However, it is always wise to seek the services of the best Podiatrist near you and get the right medication.

How to Identify Plantar Warts

If you have suffered from warts before, you will not have any misgivings identifying plantar warts. There are known symptoms and signs of this contagious disease that you can easily identify. They include;

  • Lesions with tiny dark spots in the body of the wart
  •  The wart can appear bumpy, rough, and spongy. Others can appear scaly and thick.
  • Smooth surface with brown and gray-yellow color
  • Can fuse to form mosaic warts
  • Flat due to pressure when walking or standing
  • Foot pain especially on the sole or affected area
  • Swelling, bleeding or large lesions
  • The wart has a rough surface, feels hard, and has small black dots in it.

How to Treat Plantar Warts-What to Know

Once you identify the type of warts you are suffering from, you should not hesitate to seek medical attention or visit a reputed podiatrist. You need to consult your physician before the condition worsens if you don’t know how it can be diagnosed. There are incredible treatments you can opt for or can help. Take a look;

Laser therapy

This is an effective procedure you should opt to treat warts and works where other treatments have failed. It involves the use of an intense beam of light to get rid of the wart. It should be done by a professional and in the clinic. You should choose laser therapy if plantar warts keep enlarging.

Topical Ointments

There are skin creams that you can choose and treat warts. These topical ointments work in a simple manner. You just need to apply the best topical solution you have on the wart or affected area.

The ingredients used to make the warts cream will help get rid of the virus, causing the infection. One common wart cream you can choose is the Verrustat Liquid Wart Remover that you can get at a budget-friendly rate.


This is a warts treatment procedure that involves the use of liquid nitrogen to frozen the virus, causing warts. Before you opt for this procedure, it is wise to consult your doctor for more guidelines.

Surgical Excision

Most people suffering from warts opt for this treatment, and you should not be left behind and suffer in silence. It’s an excellent treatment option for large warts.

You may have all the best warts treatments in your fingertips, but it is wise to have a podiatrist prescribe the best medication to go for. You don’t want to get treated and catch a regrowth within a short time. If you are thinking of home remedies for warts, you should be cautious and also consult with your physician.

Get the Best Plantar Warts Medication

With the right medication, you can quickly get rid of plantar warts. Even though warts can be a bother, don’t just go for any kind of treatment. Consult your Podiatrist and know the way forward. If stuck and in pain, and don’t know where to start, contact us today and get the best medication in the market and professional advice.

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