On the Go: Meditation Online From Glo

Meditation, originally an alternative approach to health and fitness, has risen in prevalence. More people are turning to meditation for health reasons than ever before. Together with yoga, meditation is being recognized for its immense health benefits including decreasing stress and blood pressure. When combined with a healthful diet, adequate hydration, and daily exercise, meditation can greatly improve a person’s mental and physical health. At Glo, meditation is taken to the next level to meet the needs of the current generation.The meditation online courses Glo offers ensures that their members will be able to access courses at any time of the day.

Why is Meditation Important?

The general change of attitude towards meditation can be due to a variety of reasons. More studies and research can attest to the health benefits of meditation now than ever before. Meditation helps to train focus and to develop an increased awareness of yourself and your surroundings.

Perhaps the most common reason people turn to meditation is to reduce stress. The stress hormone, cortisol, is caused by stress, along with inflammatory chemicals called cytokines. An increase in cortisol results in disrupted sleep, increased tendency towards depression, and increased anxiety and blood pressure. By practicing mindful meditation, it is possible to reduce the effects caused by frequent releases of cortisol. In addition, a reduction of cytokines decreases the tendency towards depression and improves emotional health.

As in most conditions related to health, effects are cumulative. A decrease in stress can help to lower anxiety, blood pressure, and sway the mind toward positivity. Having the option to bring Glo’s meditation online courses with you wherever you travel ensures you’ll always have your meditation resources with you.

What is Glo?

Glo is a wellness company dedicated to providing quality classes for busy individuals in meditation online, yoga online, and pilates online. Whether you need a quick session to wind down in a hotel room after a day of meetings or a full session in a vacation lodge on the seaside while on vacation, Glo offers unlimited access to hundreds of online classes in their video catalogue for a monthly fee. Skill levels range from beginners to advanced. Members can easily see the skill level required of a course and find information on the instructor on Glo’s instructor database.

What Does Glo Offer?

Glo offers courses at all levels to anyone seeking to better their well being. Whether you are a beginner, a business executive, or a meditation instructor, Glo’s course offerings range across multiple levels and disciplines.

Among the course offerings are popular choices such as mantra chanting, guided visualization, breathing techniques, as well as morning and evening sessions.

  • Mantras are repetitive sounds that penetrate deeply into the subconscious. The repetitive chants bring the various unsynchronized vibrations of the body into one common vibration. Mantra chanting helps to produce a state in the body that is unifying, aligned, and peaceful.
  • Guided visualization can help calm a stressed mind after a long day. Guided visualization involves a third party vocally guiding you to achieve a deeply peaceful state through a verbally guided mental journey with the use of imagery.
  • Proper breathing techniques are important tools to relieve tension and anxiety and can make a big difference to your health if practiced regularly.
  • Glo’s morning and evening meditation sessions serve different purposes. Morning sessions can help you stay alert and start the day with positivity. Evening sessions can help destress and help you to sleep better.

Wherever you are, Glo’s meditation online classes are available for you at any time of the day. With today’s busy, hectic lifestyle, sometimes a moment for pampering and self-care is what it takes to destress and unwind. Glo also offers a 15 days free trial so you can see if Glo’s meditation online classes are right for you.