Myths about CBD oil 

The use of hemp and cannabis is now legal in many states in the US and the countries across the United Kingdom. Hemp contains cannabidiol or CBD, which can be used to treat many diseases. Research has shown that CBD is proven effective against inflammation, depression, anxiety, and multiple types of chronic pain. 

Every time people hear the word “cannabis,” people would mostly think of a marijuana leaf that is getting smoked and passed on to people for a recreational high. One reason why many people think of this way is that most breeds of the plant are engineered to have more THC than CBD content. 

People also think that CBD can be addictive. It is true that drugs, whether legal or illegal, can cause addiction if taken on a massive amount. Obsession can last for years without the help of professionals. When addiction occurs, there is also a considerable chance of overdosing from the substance.

What most people know is the fact that like cannabis, hemp can also take in many forms, which means that the CBD extract can take in the form of candies, gummies, tabletscapsules, and other edible and non-edible applications. Nowadays, the usage of CBD is not illegal but has severe restrictions that need to be implemented. 

There have been statements regarding the use of CBD, which are misleading to the extract’s composition. Knowing these misconceptions can go a long way if you wish to use the product. You can view this infographic from Love CBD if you want to see the truth.