Modafinil Vs Adderall – what should know about the facts?

Both modafinil and Adderall serve the same purpose and that is to produce a state of wakefulness and alertness in the patients. They are both given to patients with narcolepsy, ADHD, and other cognitive impairments. In this article, we compare the two drugs and try to understand the key differences and similarities. In essence, we compare both the positive effects of each as well as the side effects of both Modafinil and Adderall.

Mode of Action

Modafinil is thought to stimulate the production of histamine norepinephrine, serotonin, dopamine and orexin systems in the brain. It is largely unknown which single site of action the drug works on. Adderall similarly works by stimulating the release of norepinephrine, serotonin and other biologic amines from central adrenergic receptors. Mode of action for both drugs is similar putting aside the fact that it has not yet been confirmed how they both exactly work.


Many nootropic drugs affect different individuals differently due to other psychological factors. Therefore, what may seem to be beneficial to one may not have the same impact on a different patient. Sun pharma Modafinil causes a natural sense of being awake and alert. It increases the user’s motivation, elevates mood and increase focus over thelong term. With longer concentration spans and increased motivation, the user can do more in terms of work be it academic work or any form of work that requires mental effort. Adderall produces a state of psychostimulating manifesting as both mental and physical stimulation. In those with attention disorders such as ADHD and ADD, the drug is given to produce a state of mental calmness allowing users to focus more and get things done.  

Side Effects

When taken in correct doses, Modafinil heightens an individual’s sense in a less traditional ways compared to Adderall. Also compared to Adderall, Modafinil does not cause over stimulation. Its effect is somehow lower and may not meet the needs of those who need more stimulation and would opt to use Adderall instead. Adderall stimulates more and its effect can be felt in other parts of the body such as the muscles due to increased blood flow. Common side effects of modafinil include headaches, anxiety, nervousness, and nausea. The more serious side effects are shaking and uncontrolled movements of the mouth, tongue, and face. Skin rash can occur as asignof a drug reaction requiring hospitalization. Adderall causes common symptoms like Modafinil such as nausea, headache, fear, and anxiety. It’s more serious side effects are seizures, hallucinations, and motor tics. With the increase in blood pressure caused by the drug, it can cause palpitations of the heart.

Comparing the benefits and side effects of both drugs, it is evident that modafinil is a sort of improvement to the traditional Adderall drug. It is commonly prescribed by practitioners due to the fact that it is milder therefore having fewer side effect. Habit forming or addiction is thus less likely to occur with Modafinil compared to Adderall.

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