Memory Foam Or Dual Comfort Mattress For Your Guest Room?

Every homeowner enjoys opening up their home to guests and loved ones. However, this involves setting up a guest room that offers comfort and warmth so that your guests enjoy their stay with you. Since guest rooms are often set up to accommodate overnight guests, you will need to set up a mattress that is comfortable and durable. Now, this brings into question which mattress to purchase for your guest room. Top mattress manufacturers like Wakefit have introduced several quality mattresses at affordable prices in recent years.

Before you venture into the market to purchase a new mattress for your guest room, you need to consider several factors like how much will your guest room be used, your budget, the size of your guest room, and so on. You can also try to shop during sale season to find a high-quality mattress at excellent prices.

While considering what size mattress to get for your guest bedroom and you need to take a look at who you expect to use the extra room. Will it be families with kids, or couples or individuals? Queen sized mattresses or double sized mattresses are often the popular options for guest rooms, as long as the room has enough space to accommodate the mattress and allows your guest to move around the room freely. The most popular models in the market currently include the Memory Foam Mattress and the Dual Comfort Mattress.

Memory Foam Mattress

The memory foam mattress is made from visco-elastic foam, which allows the mattress to conform to any shape when it comes into contact with body heat. This allows your guests to sleep comfortably. The mattress also offers plenty of support to your body, allowing the user to get up in the morning devoid of different body pain or joint aches. Interestingly, many people describe their experience of sleeping on a memory foam mattress as being cushioned by a cloud. It absorbs motion completely, allowing them to sleep comfortably through the entire night.

Dual Comfort Mattress

This mattress is made of three layers with the top layer being a breathable fabric followed by a soft foam layer for comfort. The bottom layer of the mattress is made of high resilience foam to give the user extra firm support as they sleep. The breathable fabric on the top of the mattress allows air to pass through freely, that allows you to sleep comfortably on hot summer nights. The middle layer of the mattress allows your guests to enjoy the comfort of memory foam with added support that is offered by the bottom high resilience foam layer. The dual comfort mattress is slightly firmer than the memory foam bed and is considered to be a great choice for people who experience back pain and joint pain.

Interestingly, the dual foam mattress can be used on either side, depending on your guest’s preference. If they prefer a firmer surface, you can flip over the mattress so that the high resilience foam layer is on top. They can enjoy a more comfortable and softer sleeping experience when the breathable fabric layer is on the top.

Regardless of which mattress you purchase for your guest room, it is a good idea to invest in a mattress protector as well. This will help protect the mattress from any accidental spills, bedwetting, dust, grime and so on. You can also wash the mattress protector regularly or after someone visits, to ensure that it is fresh and clean before the next guest arrives. At the end of the day, pick out a mattress that is comfortable and fits into your budget as well.