Top Synthetic Urine on the Market

When you are a heavy weed smoker, the chances of you passing a drug test are slim to none. This is why it is important to know the different ways of getting a negative result. You can flush out the toxins from your body using diuretics or by drinking plenty of water. However, this is not a guarantee that you will not reach the threshold that is placed by the laboratory administering the test. You can also do the alternative of substituting your pee sample with synthetic urine.

How Does Synthetic Urine Works?

This sample imitates real human urine. This is often sold in powdered form and is available in many online shops. The synthetic sample will look like urine once it is mixed with water. When you order online, there will be a kit that will be sent to you that contains the instruction, the sample, and some heating pads to stabilize the temperature of the urine.

Is It Effective?

If you are an employee that is about to be tested, you need to make sure that you will be a hundred percent drug-free. That is, in the eyes of the testers and the company. When you are in trouble and you are going to do a random drug test in 24 hours, fake pee can be the only thing that can save you from losing your job or even from going to jail.

There are companies that are not so strict and will not require a watcher when you provide a pee sample. In this case, you should get your fake pee, make sure that it is at the right temperature, and submit it immediately to the testers.

Your chance of passing the test depends on how you stored the synthetic pee, its color, smell, temperature, and the laboratory method that is going to be used to analyze the sample. There are employees who reported that they were able to easily pass the test when they used fake pee that they got online. Get a higher chance of passing when you read more about urine tests here.  You can also read more about these anecdotes on online forums and websites so that you can motivate yourself that you will pass.

About Drug Tests in the US

Many companies do random drug testing to increase the safety of its employees and to lessen the accidents and injuries while on the job. Other corporations conduct the test randomly to their existing employees to make sure that they are following the rules and regulations set by the company in cooperation with the federal government. Others require it before they hire someone to ensure that their workplace is drug-free and safe.

Although a lot of states have legalized the use of cannabis, there are still some that will not tolerate recreational users because of the risk that they pose in the company. When your results turned out to be positive, you should get ready to pack your belongings and leave your job. In some cases, you can even go to jail if it’s found out that you are a chronic user of illegal substances.

Common Methods to Pass the Urine Drug Test

If you can’t stop using drugs, there are cheats that you can do to pass the test. These methods include adulteration, substitution, and sample dilution. There are sites such as that can give you more information about the most common brands of synthetic urine available in the market today.

Adulteration – This method involves adding other substances to the urine sample. If you are closely being watched by a laboratory representative while you pee, you can buy time by adding water, vinegar, detergent, soap or other chemicals to interfere with your sample. This can cause a change in color, composition, temperature, and a lot of other factors that can make the results negative. However, be careful with adding other chemicals in the sample as you don’t want to achieve a “bubbling urine” sample. You can try this method at home first to make sure that you don’t destroy your sample that can cause unnecessary suspicion.

Substitution – If you know that you have a 0% chance of passing the test, you may want to substitute your sample with another person’s pee. This is a tricky option since your co-employees will tell your supervisor about the test. When you have a trusted person inside the company, then this can work for you. Be careful when you use this method since there are cases where men use a woman’s urine and they turned out to have a pregnant result.

Dilution – This is common especially for people who want to mask the presence of drug metabolites in their urine sample. Some of them add a lot of water which dilutes the pee and making them pass the test as a result. Be careful when using this method as some laboratories won’t accept a sample that is too clear or that is not in the right temperature.

What is Synthetic Urine?

This is powdered human urine that when mixed with water, will result in imitation of a fresh pee sample. There are a lot of online reviews with regards to these products so it’s best to check them out first before buying your own sample. The shelf life of this product is about a year and a half as long as it is kept dry and away from direct sunlight.

When you receive your kit, do not expose it to extreme temperatures. When you mix the pee with water, ensure that you achieve the right temperature by using heating pads. There are also thermometers and strips that can come with the package so that you can do your own home drug tests and ensure that you will have a negative result. Smuggling the fake pee can be a lot of work but it can be done. Do whatever you can to pass the test so that you won’t get into trouble with your company or with the feds.