Magic Mushrooms: Science Explores the Psychological and Spiritual Impact of Psilocybin

Science has come to the realization that the healing power of magic mushroom can be useful in psychotherapy

Magic mushrooms have been in existence since antiquity. Historical Arts from several parts of the world, which date as back as 5000 BC show that man has been exploring the magical healing power of this hallucinogenic mushroom since the beginning of time. Over the years, people have been curious about the wonders of the magic mushroom, and in the 1990s, researchers started studying the effects of magic mushroom both in the long run and short run. The substance psilocybin was discovered to be the active ingredient; hence researchers started studying to find out how it can trigger psychoactive effects.Image result for Magic Mushrooms: Science Explores the Psychological and Spiritual Impact of Psilocybin

An Experience like No Other

Under controlled doses, intention, and environment, taking magic mushroom can trigger a life-changing experience. Apart from the hallucinogenic effect, people who have been given psilocybin were reported to have had feelings of happiness, well-being, and a new sense of self-realization and appreciation. Just as is obtainable with other psychedelics, taking magic mushroom gives a kind of scary hallucinogenic effect, but under acontrolled environment, this is well-managed, as it is a part of the transition process into a space of clearer and deeper vision and lifetime awesome experience.

A study at Johns Hopkins University tested the effect of psilocybin on 36 healthy adult volunteers who had never received psychedelics before. Two-thirds of the test subjects reported that they had one of the highest five most significant spiritual experience ever. A dozen volunteers said that it was their deepest spiritual experience ever. The most amazing thing about this study is that the results obtained agreed with results obtained from three other individual studies using different methodologies and dosage compositions of psilocybin in other parts of the world.

The deep spiritual connection is a feeling everyone should get to experience, whether psychologically fit or unfit. This is because lots of diseases and ailments have their roots shielded in trauma, stress and identity crises, which one cannot break free from unless one gets deeply connected to one’s spirit.

By connecting people back to nature and the universe, giving a blissful feeling, widening spiritual insight and facilitating deeper understanding and reasoning, themagic mushroom has the power of curing several illnesses right of the cause, and researchers are exploring ways of applying them therapeutically.

Application in Psychotherapy

50 years of intensive studies have led to the discovery of ways of tackling addiction and treating ailments like obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) using psilocybin. Application of magic mushroom in therapy will help minimize the rate of invasive surgeries and use of potentially dangerous drugs in psychotherapy, as psilocybin apart from treating these ailments, also gives one the feeling of general wellbeing and deep spiritual revelations. Studies have also shown that alongside LSD, psilocybin can help terminally ill cancer patients deal with anxiety and pain. The magic mushroom also gives a spiritual awakening which makes people on their deathbed come to the realization that death is the ultimate end, which everyone must get to. Hence it makes them fearless and helps them accept fate with a peaceful and open mind.