Fruits, Vegetable & Citrus: Juice Extractors

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is amazing; however, the satisfaction cannot be compared to drinking fresh juice. That is why a juice extractor becomes an essential item on your kitchen shelf if you are someone that understands the value of separating juice from the pulp (the solid part) of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and leafy greens. People usually throw the pulp away, but it can be used also in the making of breads, muffins or composting. Well, we are going to keep the content of this post strictly about juicing and juice extractors.

There are several kinds of juicers out there that serve various purposes. And in order for a user to get maximum yield from fruits, care should be taken when selecting a juice extractor for particular kind of products intended. Go to to see quality reviews of twin gear juicers and their pros and cons.

Selecting a juice extractor for your household

After going through the review of the best juice extractors, it becomes clear that a juicer might be best for certain reasons, but this doesn’t mean it can serve all purposes. This is why we would be considering the features to look out for before buying a juicer.

How easy is it to use?

Look at how many parts are present in the juicer; the fewer the parts are, the easier it would be to use. In the same way – the easier a juicer is to use, the fewer the functions it can perform. In other words, more functions mean more parts and more complications. So, simple outline your purpose for a juicer and then go for one that has the parts that can deliver such purpose.

The level of noise it produces

You should not get a juicer without considering how much noise it produces while operating. No one would enjoy the disturbing noise of a juicer every morning. Think about your baby, other people in the apartment, and even your next-door neighbor. Go for a juicer that works silently and within your budget.


Well, you should consider the amount of space that you are willing to share with this equipment on your kitchen shelf before buying it. You wouldn’t want a bulky juicer that would eat up all the space in your kitchen.

Some other features include price, warranty, power, ease of cleaning and so on.

Additional Tips to Care for Your Juicer

You should understand the importance of purchasing juicers that are easy to clean. However, before you throw any of the juicer parts in the dishwasher for cleaning, you have to go through the cleaning instructions on the manual. For those who will use their juicer many times in a day, it is only normal that you clean it once – that is after the last juicing. You can place it in the refrigerator after each cleaning, only to clean after the last round. Always ensure that the base of the machine is not placed in water – even when cleaning.