Lymphedema Compression Garments: Understand Carefully

Lymphedema compression garments specially happen to be designed garments that are meant to lessen the detrimental accumulation of lymphatic fluids in numerous regions of the body caused by lymphatic system problems. Lymphedema can be caused by a variety of cancers, comprising neck, head, and breast cancer, in addition to cancer of the lymphatic system itself. Lymphedema causes a variety of unpleasant and occasionally deadly symptoms, including swelling of the affected areas, discomfort, and a reduced range of motion. Wearing lymphedema compression garments enables lymphatic fluid to move freely throughout the body rather than pooling in the arms, legs, or feet. These compression garments for lymphedema are made to fit the body parts most typically afflicted by lymphedema.

Individuals who are eligible

You must meet the following two requirements to be eligible for this program:

  • Be covered by the health-care plan
  • Have you been diagnosed with primary or secondary lymphedema?


This program is open to all residents who have primary or secondary lymphedema and are covered by the public health insurance plan.

It doesn’t matter if you have lymphedema or lipedema: Compression provides undeniable alleviation from edoema.

Edemas are visible and palpable swellings that can occur as a result of numerous illnesses or as a result of procedures or traumas. They are caused by a rise in the accumulation of fluids or fat cells in the tissues. Lipedemas are typically seen in the legs and/or arms, are symmetrically distributed, sensitive to pressure, and can be extremely painful. Lymphedemas can also affect the face, neck, chest, and genitals, with deposits that are typically asymmetrically distributed.


Lymphedema as a result of cancer or as a subsequent condition:

Living with cancer is a daily effort that is fraught with difficulties. All the more so when you consider the many side effects of cancer treatment, such as chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery.

These treatments, which are extremely taxing on the body, result in hair loss in the most well-known cases. Furthermore, certain patients are at risk of acquiring secondary lymphoedema. A pathology that you must learn to live with on a daily basis.

Lymphedema treatment

Although there is no treatment for lymphedema, it can be controlled while maintaining a high quality of life. Lymph drainage in combined decongestive therapy (CDT) entails redirecting lymph to parts of the body with healthy nodes. CDT aids in the reduction of edoema and the improvement of circulation.

The end result:

Patients’ testimony reveal that lymphedema can substantially disrupt their daily lives.

The condition, which is not often recognised at the outset, has physical and psychosocial consequences:

Be warned that if lymphedema is not adequately controlled, it can cause extreme swelling of the arm or leg, known as big arm syndrome. The damaged bodily portion can double or even triple in size.

This swelling of the limbs, whether lower or upper, logically leads to serious implications for the strained skin. The epidermis can harden, causing cellulite, skin folds, and even elephantiasis.

This change in limb volume also causes acute discomfort and loss of movement.

Living with lymphedema is a psychological problem that must be overcome on a daily basis. Aside from the merely physical and cosmetic aspects, it can also have an impact on morale: self-image, perception of others, constant reminder of cancer and its therapies, and so on.

Last words

Lymphedema is caused by an accumulation of lymph fluid in the tissues. When a person is affected without having had any intervention that could have caused the lymphedema, it is said to be of primary origin. It is classified as secondary when it happens as a result of surgery, cancer, or another reason. When more than one lymph node is removed, the chance of getting lymphedema increases. The orthotist will aid you in selecting the appropriate attire for your situation as well as the accessories needed for their use.