Hears Hearing & Hearables helps you find your hearing purchase and supports you after too!

I am sure you have seen or heard advertisements for new over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids.  Several manufacturers now have a model on the market.  You think you may have a hearing loss, have trouble in crowded restaurants, ask people to repeat themselves etc.  Maybe you even tried one of those online hearing tests.  In any case, you take the plunge and order a pair.

Now what do you do?  Is your hearing any better?  Are they comfortable?  Are you wearing them correctly?  So many questions, and you don’t want to do any that will damage your ears or hearing.

A professional audiologist in the USA fulfills the licensing requirements and has a certificate of his training and experience. Those licenses and certifications are part of the effort of an audiologist that proves their credibility. If you see a clinic and an audiologist is licensed, you can trust the services. If you want to dispense a hearing aid by the audiologist, you should see whether the audiologist has fulfilled the licensing requirements of hearing aid dispenser or not. This license allows the audiotogists to administrate the hearing aid and also to adjust the hearing aid devices.

Take a look at our website at Hears Hearing & Hearables and you will find written and video blogs about hearing and hearing aids. All content is written by audiologists. We have lots of content for you to find what you need and you can even comment or ask us easily.

We can answer any question you have so you are comfortable with your new aids and your new hearing device.  Whether it be a hearable, a personal sound amplifier, an assisted listening device or even a hearing aid.  With tele-audiology, we may be able to help you no matter where you are or refer you to a recommended local provider.

Hears Hearing & Hearables online store is here for you even after the sale.  No matter where you purchased your aids, we have the expertise to help you make sure they work for you.  We have all the accessories you want or need.  We also have tips, wax guards, cleaning kits, and receivers for all makes and models of hearing aids.

Our store has a membership that you can come and talk to other people in the forum about hearing accessories.  And if you bought the wrong thing for you, why not sell it to someone else and get something else that will work for you.

We at Hears Hearing & Hearables want you to be successful and will walk with you on your new hearing journey.