How to Write a Personal Statement for Your Medical School Application

So, you’re planning on applying for the best medical schools. Congratulations!

As you sift through the different requirements and parts on the application form, one may have caught your eye: The personal statement.

The most difficult part about writing this is knowing what to include. How can you make this personal statement stand out among the other thousands of applicants out there? This is why the personal statement is an important aspect when learning how to get into medical school!

Here are some helpful tips to give you an idea of what to write for your personal statement.

  1. Write, write, write!

Give yourself 6 months to write and revise your essay to make it absolutely perfect. Write, revise after 24 hours, review it, then rework the draft. Ask for experts and loved ones to review your essay for further comments.

As you write your personal statement, do highlight the interesting parts of your journey. No need to tell your entire life story. Select a theme and stick to that theme, supporting it with good examples.

Besides this, don’t go for cliches. You want to be unique and not say whatever everyone else mentioned in their application forms as well. Again, be unique, personal, and specific.

Speaking of personal and specific, this is the time where you can find that unique angle of yours. Answer the question: what can you say about yourself that others can’t?

We all have our own successes and failures, what makes you unique is your reactions to those situations. Put your voice out in the open and write YOUR perspective, not what you think people want to hear.

And of course, be interesting. You might want to begin with a compelling ‘catch’ sentence that will intrigue the admissions committee, having them want to learn more about you.

  1. Use a 5-point essay format

Here’s a good format you can try to follow:

  • 1st paragraph: the 4-5 first sentences that should catch the attention of your reader
  • The next 3-4 paragraphs are your body, which shows who you are. Make sure one of these will include clinical understanding and another that reflects service and leadership
  • The last paragraph should be a strong conclusion that reflects the start of the essay. It should be a brief summary of who you are, ending with your future endeavors and challenges.
  1. Stick to the rules and your topic

Don’t try to be too complicated and use long words. Instead, use clear and direct language, which is what excellent medical students and doctors use. Furthermore, vary the sentence structure to avoid boring your readers!

As for the rules, remember that the limit is 5,300 characters, which include spaces. Follow the rules and avoid going overboard, staying on topic, and NOT overdoing it to the point you are self-deprecating.

Wrapping It Up

Your personal statement for your medical school application is the golden opportunity to catch positive attention. Follow these tips and hopefully, you will be able to stand out and increase your chances for admission.