Yoga for Lower Back Pain: 3 Effective Home-Based Exercises

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Lower back pain is one of the most common personal injuries that people experience. Yoga has been proven to be an effective way to manage lower back pain, but it can also be a challenge for beginners at home. This post will cover three easy Yoga moves that you can practice from your living room!

Three Yoga For Lower Back Pain:

1) Yoga Cat-Cow

This exercise is excellent for beginners, and it can be done standing, sitting, or lying down. You will start on all fours with your hands under your shoulders and knees under the hips. With a deep inhalation, you are going to arch back like a cat. As you breathe out, you are going to round inwards like a cow. This movement will stretch your back and open up the chest area, which can help to relieve tension in the lower back.

  • Inhale: arching like a cat
  • Exhale: rounding inward like a cow
  • Repeat the movement for about five to eight rounds as you take deep breaths throughout.

This yoga for lower back pain is also great for strengthening your spine because it moves through an entire range of motion.

2) Yoga with Bolster

In a sitting position, place the bolster to lie on your back and then rest your head against it to support it. Your arms should be by your sides or in front of you, whichever is more comfortable. Place both legs straight out in front of you like bicycle pedals.

  • Inhale: draw your stomach in and lift the chest
  • Exhale: round out like a cat, rounding off the back. Stay in this position as you breathe for about five to eight rounds before changing positions.

This yoga for lower back pain is excellent for opening tight hips, stretching spine muscles, and releasing tension from the lower back.

3) Yoga on the Wall

Stand in front of a wall and position your back against it, with feet shoulder-width apart. Place one heel closer to the baseboard as you bring both hands to rest comfortably by your sides. Adjust the distance between your heels according to what is more comfortable.

  • Breath in and lift your chest.
  • Exhale as you slowly lean into the Wall, arms by sides for balance if needed. Stay in this position as you breathe for about five to eight rounds before changing positions.

This yoga for lower back pain exercise is excellent because it emphasizes strengthening hip and spine muscles while also taking pressure off the lower back.


Yoga is a great way to improve your lower back pain. It can decrease the tension in the muscles, relieve stress and anxiety by calming down the nervous system, strengthen core muscles for better posture support, and provide relaxation techniques that help you unwind from daily worries. Yoga has been proven effective as an alternative treatment for chronic lower back pain and is more effective than a placebo.