How to improve the quality of sperm

Most men are currently planning conception as a complete rejection of contraception. However, it is not. If you have planned additions to the family, then before you give up contraception necessary to fix health. And it has to do not only a woman. Man’s sperm quality has a direct impact on the probability of conception and the future health of the child. Even if a man is completely confident in his men’s solvency during preconception care is desirable to check the quality of sperm and increase sperm motility, if necessary, as the potency is not related to low sperm quality.

Factors that impair sperm quality, and how to fight them

  1. The temperature of the testes: Not for nothing that the testicles in men are outside, in the scrotum. For full maturation of sperm testicular temperature should be a few degrees lower than the normal body temperature. Anyone, even a slight overheating of the testicles makes sperm sluggish. Sperm motility is reduced not for some time, and at that time, not yet ripe new sperm. When preparing to conceive a child is recommended to wear loose-fitting underwear, sewed from natural fabrics, as well as to minimize the factors of possible overheating of the testicles.
  2. Bad habits: Smoking, alcohol, drug use. How to improve sperm motility in this case? Stop smoking, alcohol and drug use for at least three months before conception. This time is quite enough to make sperm completely refreshed.
  3. Unfavorable environmental situation is extremely negative impact not only on health but also on sperm. Constant contact with chemicals (including those with household cleaning products), radiation from mobile phones, air pollution, exhaust fumes – all these factors have an extremely negative effect on sperm condition. In this case, the number and increasing their mobility can be achieved by taking antioxidants. Antioxidants not only negate the negative effects on the environmental factors. These substances also protect the sperm cells are formed, improve their nutrition.
  4. Stressful situations worsen the reproductive health of men. In this case, it is recommended more rest, to change the situation in a more relaxed.

How to improve sperm quality diet

Each Human health is directly related to the peculiarities of its power. In conceiving, the planning period must be included in your daily diet foods to improve sperm quality. But it is worth remembering that the products that improve the quality of sperm, cannot provide the body with the necessary vitamins and elements. Therefore, along with a balanced diet, you should take natural supplements like Tongkat Ali 100:1. The complexes of this type contain the necessary vitamins, amino acids, and trace elements.

Products which improve spermatogenesis, generally do not contain preservatives and dyes are natural compositions should be prepared and without frying fat and a large amount. These products include lean meats, saltwater fish, seasonal vegetables, and fruits.

The future father should completely abandon the oily and junk food. Also, it is necessary to completely eliminate from your diet foods that contain preservatives, stabilizers and flavor enhancers. All of these additives adversely affect the sperm condition. Furthermore, flavor enhancers increase appetite, provoke overeating and weight gain, as well as in men with excess body weight semen is much worse, and with potency problems, they observed more frequently. Interestingly, in men with low normal or weight of a fatty meal resulting sperm quality deteriorates significantly.

In order to increase the mobility of the sperm doctor may recommend special medications with hormones. If a man wants to just increase the chances of pregnancy, it is reasonable to resort to vitamin and mineral supplements for expectant fathers. Such complexes can be taken without a doctor’s prescription, as any vitamins.