The 5 Most Common Types of Neck Injuries

It is almost inevitable that we have a literal pain in the neck as we go about our lives. Here are the 5 most common types of neck injuries. By knowing what causes this pain, it becomes easier to avoid.

Bad Sleep Position

The most common cause of neck trouble is sleeping in an awkward position. Sometimes tossing and turning is unavoidable when a person is having trouble sleeping. If someone passes out with their neck in a weird position, it can lead to them waking with soreness. Try to sleep with your neck stretched out in a straight line on a firm surface to prevent this problem.


Accumulated stress that builds up throughout the day can lead to the tensing up of muscles in and around the neck. Figuring out a way to reduce your stress is a great way to fix this. Then, it is all about consistently practicing your preferred technique to keep stress levels at a minimum.


Sudden jolts to the neck can cause it to bend in an unnatural way. When the neck absorbs too much pressure, sharp pain can occur. Of course, sudden jolts are difficult to predict but trying to remain calm and in control of your body at all times is the key to reducing the chances of this happening.

Wear and Tear

The spine and neck can degenerate over time if not properly taken care of. As spinal discs begin to fall out of alignment, nerves can be pinched during the displacement. As with any pinched nerve, sharp pain is to be expected. While this is more common as a person get older a healthy diet can offset this pain for as long as possible.


Torticollis is a condition in which the head is fully twisted to one side. Exposing the neck to extremely cold temperatures is the most common cause of this conundrum. It can also be caused by sprains in the neck muscles or ligaments. Luckily, this condition usually returns to normal after a few days of resting and keeping warm.

Neck injuries happen all the time and in most cases are nothing to worry about. Being aware of how to handle your neck with care reduces the chance of these things happening dramatically. But life happens and we occasionally can’t help but experience some pain. If you need some additional treatment or advice from a professional source, you are highly encouraged to check out this link to help you resolve your neck pain.