Lingual braces: an ideal alternative to metal braces

 A smile plays a very important role in our day to day life. It is essential if we want to deliver a right impression on the other person whether meeting him/her on a date, or while giving a business presentation. Unfortunately, there are many people who happen to have distorted, crooked and misaligned teeth which makes their smile quite unpleasant. Metal braces were a boon for such people, but their drawbacks have made them quite unpopular. However, lingual braces have taken over and have proven to be the best alternative to the metal ones.

There are many cosmetic dental clinics that offer the procedure of lingual braces in Dubai and helping you to get that gorgeous smile that you ever desired. In this article we shall be comparing the lingual braes with the metal braces, so that you can decide a better option.

Although more pricey than the metal braces, lingual braces in Dubai is becoming the most preferred choice of cosmetic dentist procedure for correcting the misaligned teeth.
Aesthetic value:
one of the main reasons for which people opt for lingual braces is that these remain completely invisible unless you tell them you’re wearing them. Unlike metal braces that are bonded on your front set of dentures, these are fixed at the back of the teeth so they remain invisible when smiling. If you want to get aligned teeth without the unaesthetic metal look while smiling, then these are the best option for you.

  • Functionality: when it comes to functionality, then these are quite as effective as conventional metal brace, despite being hidden. Your orthodontist would install the lingual braces on the inside surface of your teeth and fix them in place using cement so that your teeth gradually are molded from the inside.
  • Convenient: wearing regular metal braces can be inconvenient as you are required to avoid eating certain foods and clean them thoroughly every time after you eat. Whereas you can conveniently do any regular day-to-day activity with a lingual braces set on. Moreover, each pair of lingual braces is custom-built for your unique set of teeth making the entire process painless.
  • Different types: unlike metal braces, you get different types of lingual braces, out of which your orthodontist will choose a perfect set for you according to your needs and preferences. Out of all, harmony braces are more popularly used as these are smaller, smoother, and self-ligating, hence requiring a short treatment time and a much more comfortable experience.
  • Flexibility and freedom: the flexibility and freedom offered by lingual braces make them a popular choice among students, teachers, athletes, film stars etc. Unlike metal braces which require frequent sessions of maintenance, these are perfect choice for improving your dental health without compromising with your appearance.

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