How Do You Grow With LED?

So, you have made up your mind to grow weed seeds at home. It is a good idea, but before you hunt for the best feminized seeds in USA, you should know how do you do it. There are two options – you can either start growing your weeds at home like in the interiors or you can grow your weeds outside. Both the procedures have their own pros and cons Feminized Seeds USA . Where the outside growth will take a little more time because the growth of the plant will depend upon natural light, and air, the plants growing inside can be grow faster as you will provide them with artificial air, light and heat.

Indoor growing is popular in the regions where there is lack of natural light and air. In the colder regions, it is difficult to provide natural sunlight to the plants and thus, growers prefer to grow weeds inside with the help of LED lights. It has been proved that there are various advantages of using LED in cannabis cultivation, let us have a look at some here:

You save money as LED lights are not very expensive.

You need less space to install such lights

There are very few reflectors needs for such lights

There is no warming time at al.

They will prevent the growth of bacteria and pests.

Let us now see each one of the advantages in detail.

First things first, using LED lights is going to save you a lot of money. This is because with LED lights, you can track enormous energy savings. If you use an LED lamp in place of a simple HPS lamp, you can save almost 40 percent of the energy consumption. Further to this, the LED lights last longer than any other of the counterparts. You can easily use an LED lamp for 50,000 to 60,000 hours. This is because the LED lights do not contain any filament.

The LED grow lamps need very less space as they are mostly compact. They are faster, more illuminous and durable as well. The heat the LED emits is quite less as compared to the other HPS lamps and this feature reduces the chances of fire and keep your growing room always fresh.

The LED lamps are so designed that they focus the light with lenses and they need fewer reflectors. This way they scatter the light all around and they do not require any external lighting. The LED lights need very less power.

The LED lights used for cannabis growth has no warming time at all. The moment they start, they will keep shedding and spreading their light as and when required.