Health Benefits of Yogurt

Introduction: Yogurt has lots of health benefits it has protein and calcium-rich property. Yogurt has lots of vitamins and nutrients present, it is considered as healthy dairy product.

Health benefits of yogurt

  1. Healthy Bones- Yoghurt are very important for bones; it helps bones to become healthy and active. Daily consumption of a yogurt after lunch is very sturdy. It is beneficial for children, adults and especially old people.
  2. Weight loss- Yoghurt is very useful for weight loss. It helps in burning calories, it replaces unhealthy food and helps in reducing weight. Calcium, nutrients, vitamins, and protein together make yogurt.
  3. Workout recovery- Yoghurt is very healthy and is always suggested to be taken after workouts. It isa perfect diet which helps in developing muscles.Takeyogurtwithin sixty minutes ofan exercise; it helps in repairing bones.It is always advisable to intake water with yogurtaftera workout.
  4. Controls blood pressure- High blood pressure always leads to serious health problems and even death. Yoghurthelps in maintaining blood pressure.
  5. Builds Immunity- Yoghurt has probiotic as one of the properties which help to create immunity and helps to fight against various diseases. It makes the body healthyand fit.
  6. Prevents infections- Yoghurt helps in reducing yeast infections, consumption of yogurt helps to get rid of such kind of diseases and also prevents from coming back.
  7. Provides flat abs– Consumption of yogurt daily helps in reducing weight. It helps in burning calories. Yoghurt replaces junk food and acts as a weight reducer. It provides flat abs. Amino acid present in yogurt helps in burning fat from the body.
  8. Plenty of vitamins– Daily consumption of yogurt increases nutrient level of the body. Yoghurt has potassium, zinc, iodine, vitamins, proteins, calcium, etc.
  9. Preventing prevents cavities– Despite eating lots of yogurts it does not cause cavities as it has abundant lactic acid which helps in avoiding gums from holes.
  10. Rich in calcium- Yoghurt has lots of calcium present in it. Including yogurt in thediet, helps in building calcium in the body. It makes the bones healthier and energetic.
  11. Helps to glow – Yoghurt contains lactic acid which helps to remove dead cells. Mix one cup yogurt, three drops of almond oil, with a tablespoon of honey. Apply the mixture on face and leave for thirty minutes. It gives a radiant glow.
  12. Makes Digestion easier– Yoghurt has probiotics present in it, it helps to prevent bacteria. It also controls digestion and keeps the system balance.

Conclusion- Yogurt contains many health benefits, moreover yogurt contains calcium, proteins, vitamins, potassium, nutrients which makes the body stronger and helps in fightingdiseases. It makes the digestive system healthy. From fermenting milkyogurt comes which providestherobust digestive system. The Brain gets stronger with consumption of yogurt. It helps in cuttingfiber from the body making it slimmer. It increases the rate of metabolism in the body.It makes the body active.

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