Workplace Hair Follicle Drug Test – Easily Pass Using A Detox Shampoo

Drugs in the workplace can be very dangerous not only for the person using but also for his surroundings. So, it is reasonable why employers are doing these tests from time to time. The most common test is urine type but recently, large companies are implementing hair drug tests because of its effectiveness. There are blood and saliva tests also but the results can only show for the past day so they are usually best in cases when there was an accident.

There are 3 main reasons why an employer will request a drug test. The first one is because of company policy where you need to go through testing before getting hired. The second reason is a routine check which is usually done once in a few years or if they notice something is going on with a certain individual. The third reason is when there is an accident, and everyone involved needs to do it. But, nowadays there are many ways and methods to cheat on drug tests and you would want to search the internet and get well-informed like on Phenomica website.

Pre-Employment Test

When researching a company you want to work at, you can ask an employee about their policies. They will know if the company requires a drug test before getting hired. They might not check if you are not suspicious, it will depend on the HR. In some states, they can’t test you because of the laws so the state you live in is one of the factors.

The law may allow them to test you but at certain conditions. Large companies run by the state will require testing like the Department of Transportation. Every policeman will also be tested every year. If it is required, they might test only one person that is suspicious. In these cases, they will need a strong reason because the law won’t allow it in many cases. Click here to read more.

Cheating on a Test

A good thing with hair follicle test is that they can’t catch you cheating if you want to. When the urine test is done, they might notice you are using a fake urine kit. When using detox shampoos at home, they can only notice that your hair is damaged. This isn’t a strong reason to repeat the test. Some employers may require a second type of test but that rarely happens.

There are many products online that have tutorials on how to use them so it isn’t hard to cleanse your hair out of drugs. The problem is that it may damage your health. If you have some skin problems, using these products may only make it worse. Get well-informed about who is doing the testing and how much time you have until it happens. There will always be someone that already went through it so ask them for advice and how serious is the company about it.

Where to Find Detox Shampoos?

Most of these products are sold online but some large retailers like Walmart are selling products that will cleanse your hair. The important thing to look at is the ingredients. You might find a cheap shampoo that claims that it will help but they need to be really strong in order to work. That is why most people that go through it use additional ingredients to make sure their hair is free of drugs.

Salicylic acid is one of the ingredients you should look for and get things like vinegar, liquid detergent and baking soda for an additional mixture that will help cleanse your hair. The best way to go is to find a reputable product online and check reviews for a couple of websites that are selling the product. There are many forums related to passing a drug test that will provide all the information about these products.

What You Shouldn’t Do?

The most important thing you should do is stop using it when you get informed about testing. A lot of people think they have enough time to pass it and end up failing. But, even if you fail, you shouldn’t feel stressed because in most cases they will give you 2 weeks to get clean and get tested again to prove them you are not using anymore.

A second thing you shouldn’t do is believe every method you find online. There are still websites that will claim that shaving your head or cutting your hair will help. This isn’t true because they can get a sample from any body part that has hair. Parts like armpits contain hair that is more likely to show drug traces. Another tip is not to tell everything about yourself to your coworkers. A bad word is spread around fast so the information that you use drugs may get to the employer fast.

Don’t overuse the products. The ingredients they have can be used once or twice a month but in these cases, you will need to use it a few times in a week. This will damage your hair for sure but you can minimize the damage by reading the manual and using hair care products after each wash. Hair conditioner will do the trick.

Home Recipes for Cheating on Drug Test

You might not have enough time to pass the test you figure out on your own that you can do it with a home recipe that usually includes baking soda, vinegar and detergent. The problem is that every method that you find online will include a detox shampoo besides these ingredients. The main component for each cheat method is a shampoo that will cleanse your hair.

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Most popular options are Macujo and Jerry G method that requires the usage of popular detox shampoos like Aloe Rid, Zydot Ultra Clean, Abba Detox, Test Pass and many more. Most of them won’t tell you to use ingredients like olive oil that is healthy for your hair. It will require additional care after these methods so make sure you get some hair care products.