Excellent Tips for Asian Women to Choose the Right Eyelash Extensions

Every woman has a right to have beautiful lashes and Asian women are no exception.

However, the eyelids of Asian people are slightly different than non-Asians and therefore the needs of Asian women for eyelid extensions are a bit different which lash artists should consider.

Eyelids Cover Eyelashes

The most common characteristic of the eyes of Asian women is that their eyelids cover eyelashes.

Therefore, designing a set of lash extensions for their eyes can be a little more difficult, if the lash artist doesn’t know the anatomy of Asian eyes.

Non-Asian women have folded eyelids that show the full length of lash extensions. However, Asian women have monolids that cover the upper part of all eyelashes.


Therefore lash artists have to use extensions that are 1-2mm longer than usual for monolids.

The lash technician also has to remember that heavy eyelids will cover the middle part and inner corner of the eyelashes; hence they should choose the design carefully.

Suitable Design

Natural Design

The most commonly used lash extension style is the natural design because it resembles the way the natural lashes grow.

However, in case of monolids, their eyelids tend to cover the middle and inner part of the set. This leads to only a few lashes sticking out from the outer corners.


Hence the experts at Fancy Lash recommend and use “fan-shape” style for monolid women.

However, it should be remembered that even with the fan-shape design, if the lash artist applies too short extensions, the eyelids can cover them and the lash extensions will be hidden under the eyelids.

Therefore, the lash technician should choose longer lengths than usual for the inner corners of the monolids.

Downward Angled Eyelashes

Most of the times, the lashes of monolids grow downward because their heavy eyelids tend to press the roots of their natural lashes.

Therefore it’s very important to choose the right curl for downward angle eyelashes even if the lash artist chooses the 4d eyelash extensions in Sydney.


Best Curl for Eyelash Extensions for Asian Eyes

J Curl

J curl is almost straight and has just a slight curl at its end. If the lash artist uses J curl for downward angle natural lashes, it will cover the eyes and make your eyes look smaller.

C and D Curl

Instead of J curl, lash artists should use a stronger curl like the C-curl or D-curl for Asian women.

L Curl and L Plus Curl

The lash artist can also use L and L Plus curls for monolids and they will give a nice look.

However, the drawback is that in its L shape, this curl has a more extended base.

Therefore if the lash artist uses them for a woman with heavily downward natural lashes, it will cover her sight and the woman won’t be able to see well.

Mongoloid Fold (Epicanthal Fold)

An epicanthal fold is a skin fold of the upper eyelid due to which the inner corner of the eye gets covered. It’s seen in many monolid women too.

In these women, the lash artist should pull the inner corner along the lashline so that the fold is lifted up more effectively.

If you are an Asian woman, the above information will be useful to you to get the right lash extensions and enhance your beauty.