Easy and No Cost COVID-19 Testing

Last year, everyone in our household was showing symptoms of Covid-19. All of them had a fever, cough, and aches so I told them to go to a facility that offers COVID testing which offers home service. So, I decided to check the internet. Then I found Mobicare. And I don’t have any regrets choosing to have my family be tested with them. I can provide some insights on their staff and service on how truly Mobicare is dedicated to serving patients.

Mobicare is a Testing facility that will cost you nothing. I love Mobicare aside from they accept almost all insurance offered here in the US, their staff as well are very accommodating. They also provide at home kits which are much preferable by many people for its hassle and a means of lessening the contraction from COVID. Booking an appointment with them is too convenient and easy. You just need to go to their website drmobicare.com and from there you can choose what kind of COVID testing you want. 

They’re testing program is available to all insurance individuals and at the same time to those people who don’t have insurance. Those patients who don’t have insurance will still be tested. Hassle free since not like other testing centers that need referral before having them tested. In Mobicare referrals are not required.

Reliable COVID Testing Provider

Mobicare is one of the best COVID testing sites since they are accredited in almost all US Healthcare agencies. What makes it hassle free with Mobicare? They offer customers or patients a courier service taking tests to and from the patient’s door. Aside from that, they have a team that helps their customer through every part of the process from registering and booking an appointment online through to getting the patient’s result. They provide a Test Guide to ensure patients that they will be well informed on the test they will be having. They get to know their patient so they can build rapport so the patient can build trust towards them and their service, and it’s their way of ensuring any worries and concerns from the patient.

They provide the best testing experience a patient can have. Even though it’s just a statement to make, they prove it by providing the best service to their patient. They make sure that their staff are well trained and also have updated training in order to give all the support patient needs. 

Mobicare totally provides exceptional service towards their patients. I can see that their staff are very dedicated to the care they provide even to a small number of patients, they assure patients that they can provide enough time to serve them. Their staff will be with you every step of the way. If you want to know more about the latest updates for COVID-19 the click here.

Holistic Wellness Approach

Aside from the testing itself they also provide advice or counselling to the patient they tested. They provide safety tips to prevent from having been infected with the coronavirus and practices a patient must maintain to be healthy and will have a low risk of getting infected. Their staff is passionate about providing high-quality patient care. Mobicare also provides a wide range of other services from their partners in order for them to ensure that they can still provide support to their patients all the way along the health spectrum to advise them on how they should stay in the best possible shape for work and family life.

Results Delivery Time

They also provide results in a timely manner. Results will be sent through email. They provide next day results for testing or same day result testing. They know how valuable their patient time is. That’s why they offer the fastest results turnaround time available, and providing a wide variety of testing options, you can visit their clinic, or if they have the mobile testing centers you can also go there and have yourself get tested. They also do testing in an office, also home service so it will be hassle-free towards their patients end. They designed their way of testing their patients to limit disruption and ensure that every household can proceed with their daily task. Mobicare provides different levels of COVID-19 testing. To know more about the different COVID-19 tests check out https://www.gavi.org/vaccineswork/what-kind-tests-are-there-covid-19.

Payment Options

With regards to the payment, it is also convenient for us patients since they accept payment via Credit card. And in regards with patients Data, they provide the best security of all their patients information. They make sure to ask a consent from the patient in regards to sharing their information to patients’ family members. They also do verification to make sure that a person is reliable and also has the consent to have data from the patient.

Final Thoughts

Their service was so nice after being so weak having these symptoms, they will welcome you with a great smile. My experience with them is truly an excellent one, not just for me but also to all my family members who also got tested. Staff there are efficient, providing professional service. My family and I have been incredibly well looked after by the staff in Mobicare. I can truly recommend getting tested with Mobicare.