Difference between them and marijuana and their properties

Many people often misunderstand that Hemp is marijuana.  But the hemp plant only resembles the cannabis plant in terms of botanical characteristics.  It’s not an addictive plant like cannabis.  But hemp is a popular plant that is processed into knitting products. Hemp and marijuana are plants that originate from the same plant.

The hemp plant has a trunk height of more than 2 meters, joints or joints and less branching and branching in the same direction  The peel is sticky and easy to peel.  Provides high-quality long fibres. The leaf plates are yellowish-green.  The leaves have about 7-9 lobes, the arrangement of the leaves is quite far apart.  When these flowersstart, there is not much rubber on the inflorescence.  The seeds are large and somewhat stripped, coarse seed surfaces. The leaves are smoked with a slight aroma.  Cause headache users contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) less than 0.3%. The distance between plants is narrow because it was planted for the need for fibre alone.

Whereas the marijuana plant is less than 2 meters in height, its internodes or joints are short.  very branching and alternating branching  The bark is not sticky, difficult to peel, giving low-quality short fibres.  The leaf plates are green to green. The leaves have about 5-7 lobes. The arrangement of the leaves is close together.  When flowering, there will be a lot of rubber on the inflorescence.  seeds are small shiny seed surfaces The leaves are smoked with a hay-like aroma, containing approximately 1-10% of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The distance between the plants is wide. Because they are planted for the need for leaves.

properties of hemp

  • The leaves have properties as a blood tonic
  • Helps make you feel relaxed, refreshed, helps you sleep comfortably.
  • treat dizziness  headache or migraines and help quench thirst
  • Used to treat diarrhoea, dysentery
  • Many use fresh seeds as medicine to dissolve gallstones by being chewed fresh.
  • Help to relieve pain muscle relaxant Treatment of gout.
  • hemp benefits
  • The bark from the trunk provides fibres that can be used to make yarn and rope, used for weaving make clothes etc.
  • It is also used in various rituals and used as the shoes of the dead to travel to heaven.
  • The flesh of the stems that have been peeled off can be made into paper.
  • The seeds are used as food for people and birds.

These are few properties of different parts of the hemp plant like seeds, flowers, leaves etc.