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Common Reasons You Might Need Home Medical Equipment & Supplies

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The need for home medical equipment or medical supplies can be due to any number of reasons. A chronic illness, a sudden injury, mobility issues or a new member of the family may make such equipment necessary, so you can maintain optimal independence and comfort at home. Here are some considerations and typical supplies that can help.

Mobility Concerns

Getting around the home safely can be challenging for those with mobility issues regardless of their cause. The most common mobility devices used today include walkers, canes, scooters and wheelchairs.

Installing handrails in hallways, baths, kitchens and other common areas can be helpful. If steps are required to reach other floors, a stair lift chair can be an ideal solution.

Bathroom Accessibility

The bathroom is by far the number one place that individuals get injuries, typically through a slip and fall accident. There are a number of home medical equipment adaptive devices that can make this a safer space for the whole family.

Installing grab bars in showers and near toilets and shower seats are top options. However, those seeking ease getting into the tub might consider investing in a walk in shower.

Sleeping Issues

Sleep therapy equipment such as CPAP or BiPAP machines are commonly utilized by those with sleep apnea or other sleeping issues.

These devices can help one get a better night sleep, but they do require maintenance and other medical supplies to keep them clean and safe for use.

A New Baby in the Family

New mothers who are nursing their baby will find a need for supplies such as nursing pads, breast shields and breast pumps to ease the process of storing milk.

Other goodies one will need include extra battery packs for pumps, totes and extra tubing that will make pumping on the go a breeze.