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Want That Perfect Body, Ladies? Here Is The Weapon!

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Oxandrolone is one of the prevalent androgenic steroids, which is anabolic in nature. It is popular in the terms of its mild and trivial side-effects when compared to other steroids of the same type. And this is one of the reasons. Oxandrolone is tremendously appreciated by women athletes and bodybuilding aficionados. It is often called ‘The Girl steroid’, but it is equally effective in males and not exclusive for females. Oxandrolone is a Dihyrotestosterone derivative, which was commonly used for weight gain after severe ailments e.g. HIV wasting syndrome, some Cancers. It was even used as a weapon against osteoporosis, to increase the bone density. It is used in children lacking testosterone, is even involved in the treatment of Hepatitis. However, its medical uses have been sidelined nowadays, and it is mainly used in enhancing performance only.  You can visit for finer details of its importance in bodybuilding by women.

Benefits for women

Women want an increase in muscle-mass but bulking up is a strict no. This drug is ideal because it doesn’t lead to excess but only optimum muscle gain. This drug helps cutting muscles along the midline region and other fatty areas of the body, so focusing on abs, buttocks, and thighs. Oxandrolone stimulates phosphocreatine synthesis in the body which leads to improvement in strength and enhances energy. It helps in augmenting red blood cell production in the body, leading to heightened oxygen transport in all parts of the body which effectively increases the muscle endurance. Muscle wasting hormones i. e. glucocorticoids are reduced and nitrogen retention in increased shifting the balance more towards anabolic effects rather than catabolism. It is even involved in lipolysis.


The dose offered for females users is very low in comparison to males. Since the dose is mild, it does not cause much damage to liver or heart, but only until the doses are monitored properly. It is about 10-20mg/ day for six weeks, in the case of women athletes. One should not go beyond 20mg, to avoid muscle wasting problems. Exceeding this dose may lead to adverse side-effects. This drug has a short half-life (of about 9 hours), so the dosage must be split into two halves, one taken in the morning and another at late afternoon. It is not advised to take the drug at night, to prevent interference with sleep. One must supplement the dosages with a calorie deficient diet, plenty of water supply and accurate exercise, to attain proper results. Most women stack this pill with Clenbuterol, thinking to achieve far better results.

Side-effects in Women

There are few common side-effects that both males and females can notice e.g. nausea, vomiting, headache, hair-loss, insomnia, skin problems like acne. More specific side-effects would be due to increased testosterone levels in their body e.g. voice change (deepening of voice), hair coarsening, unusual hair growth on chest and face, enlarged clitoris, irregular and painful periods.

So one must be careful and intelligent enough to make the right choices. Always stick to the correct dosage and stop using the drug if you observe any side-effects. Immediately contact your doctor in such case. Always read the reviews carefully. You may get more information about this drug at the following link