Clinical trials: An important step in medical drug testing

Clinical trials are the experiments done for clinical research, and the subsequent development in clinical procedures. They generate new data on the safety and efficiency of new and upcoming drugs. More importantly, they check for possible side effects which may or may not prove to be fatal. They can only be conducted once permission has been given by the ethics committee/health authorities in the country where the research has to be done. These authorities determine the risk to benefit ratio of the study. Getting their approval does not mean the medicine is safe, it just means that one can conduct the trials.

More about clinical trials:

Clinical trials NYC are conducted by the New York physicians at any one of their affiliated medical colleges. For example trials by physicians at New York- Presbyterian Hospital are conducted in Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons or Weill Cornell Medical College. The research goes on in the affiliated colleges though the members involved may use the equipment and facilities of the hospital.

How to get more information about clinical trials?

To get to know about clinical trials going on around oneself, or for a particular disease or disorder, one may go to, a government website which is a service provided by the US National Institutes of Health. Just by entering terms like disease types or hospital’s name, one may find the research they are looking for.

Similarly clinical trials NYC can be searched and found on this website or on the websites of different hospitals in the city. One just has to enter the name of the disorder or the disease for which they may be seeking the trials. Then they have to select a hospital or college at where they would like to participate and that should suffice.