Essential Options for the Perfect Medical Support Now

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The management of the specialist medical practice is not just about “patient organization” (appointments, reports, recipes, medical records …), but also all the activities that revolve around the care , including economic evaluations on the progress of the clinic.

Whether you have a specialist studio already in place, or you have just opened it, this list of 5 tips will help you improve your organization and work with less stress.

Adopt all the necessary precautions to limit missed appointments as much as possible: they are a cost

If a patient makes an appointment and does not show up, it is a cost to you . It is a “hole” in your workday and in that of your staff that you cannot always exploit for other activities related to the medical office. The reasons why a patient misses an appointment can be very different and in most cases it is an oversight. For the medical infromation the online supports are there now.

How to tackle the problem?

It is not always necessary to ask your assistants or secretary to call each individual patient to remember the appointment. If you are a person of a certain age or unfamiliar with smartphones, a phone call is certainly the quickest way to communicate, but for younger patients or those open to new technologies today there are automated systems designed to help you manage this task in a simple and fast way.

The most advanced software for medical practice , in fact, is equipped with messaging services to send reminders via SMS that not only alert the patient before the visit, but are integrated with his calendar, so you will automatically find the appointment with you!

Manage your documents digitally, but be careful with security

Some are closely linked to your clinical activity (reports, prescriptions, diagnostic images, informed consents, medical records), while others, on the other hand, regard mandatory legal and bureaucratic obligations (patient invoices, supplier invoices, privacy). Until a few years ago they all had to be printed and archived, occupying a lot of space and weighing (not a little) on the costs of your office. The best patient guides now will come online.

You and your staff can attach, scan and save at any time and without limits all the documents required by law and the clinical documentation of each patient: once saved in a digital archive they can be viewed from any location in your doctor’s office and be reprinted to obtain a paper copy of the original.

  • In this regard, if you are thinking of choosing a software, you may be interested to know how we store your data.
  • To improve communication with your patients, sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words: it organizes the diagnostic images clearly

Whether you are an orthopedic surgeon, a sports physician, an ophthalmologist or an endocrinologist, it can sometimes be difficult to explain to your patients exactly what their pathology is and with what therapies it can be cured. Often, in these cases, photographs and videos are very useful.