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Choosing a Rhinoplasty Surgeon You Can Trust

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The most crucial step in achieving a satisfactory rhinoplasty outcome is picking the best plastic surgeon for you. Because rhinoplasty surgery ranks among the most difficult of all cosmetic procedures, you need to find a plastic surgeon with considerable rhinoplasty experience, rhinoplasty expertise and a resume of favourable results.

Even though the selection of plastic surgeon is essential, no surgeon can ever guarantee a perfect outcome. Even a highly talented surgeon cannot prevent or foresee every problem; thus, realistic expectations are crucial. Finding the right surgeon can make all of the difference between a scarred unattractive nose and a dramatic cosmetic enhancement.

What to Look for in a Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Specialty Niche

Plastic surgeons who specialise in a particular surgical niche generally tend to have a more significant skill and interest in that field. Dr Alan Evans is one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in Sydney who specialises in facial plastic surgery, nasal surgery and endoscopic sinus surgery. Finding a surgeon board certified in facial plastic surgery or plastic surgery is a great start, but it doesn’t assure that you will have perfect results.

Word-of-Mouth Endorsements

Word-of-mouth endorsement from a trusted family member or friend is another reassuring indicator of a quality rhinoplasty surgeon. First-hand accounts of pleasant bedside manner, a positive surgical outcome, follow-up care and responsiveness to patient concerns are always reassuring. Therefore, when several endorsements are gathered from different independent sources, the level of reassurance significantly rises.

Surgical Portfolio

One of the best ways of assessing a rhinoplasty surgeon’s ability and skill is to review his/her surgical portfolio of before and after photographs. Almost all experienced and qualified rhinoplasty surgeons take pride in their photography.

Looking over before and after photos that show patients with different problems can also help you establish the depth and extent of a plastic surgeon’s rhinoplasty skills. A successful correction of damaged noses is one of the most telling indications of a rhinoplasty surgeon’s ability since complex revision cases are more complicated than most.

A Quality Consultation

Some plastic surgeons don’t spend enough time listening or examining the patient. The plastic surgeons before and after photos from patients with similar nasal issues to yours should also be part of a quality consultation process. The relationship between surgeon and patient is formed during the initial consultation, in that time that you will ultimately decide whether or not you can trust that particular plastic surgeon.