How You Can Become a Chartered Market Technician

The CMT Association is responsible for educating, testing and certifying Chartered Market Technician (CMTs). It’s one of the leading organizations for providing knowledge about technical analysis that’s used by thousands of investment and financial professionals. The three-part exam must be completed by every CMT before becoming certifying.

Here is some advice concerning the exam to help ensure you’re prepared and successfully pass.

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Learn About the Exam

The CMT Association provides the exam that measures your level of proficiency. There are three parts of the exam that you must pass: Level I, II and III. The first two parts are multiple choice and the final part consists of an essay and short answers. The allocated exam times vary from 2 to 4 hours.

Qualify for the Exam

Meet the qualifications to register for the test. As of 2019, it’s no longer necessary to become a member first. Membership is still provided to students, senior citizens, affiliates and working professionals.

Open an account on the association’s website and pay the $250 fee to enroll. You must have a verified ID like a passport or driver’s license. Each level of the exam has a separate fee.

Prepare for the Exam

The CMT training program consists of self-study courses and materials that correspond with each exam. Test takers must obtain the most recently updated curriculum. Some colleges offer courses, while many study materials are available online. The official study guides provide the information that will be covered in the exam.

Register on Time

The computer-based CMT exam is offered two times a year in October and April. Only one exam can be taken per session, so it takes one full year to complete the entire exam. Test takers must register at the closest Prometric testing center to them. Change your reservation up to 5 days before the exam starts without paying a late fee.

The upcoming test dates and locations vary. There is no deadline to complete all three parts of the exam. Since testing information may change annually, it’s recommended that you complete the exam in consecutive order. The fee is nonrefundable, and there’s no option to defer the exam.

Become Certified Professionals

Chartered market technicians move on to enjoy successful, lucrative careers. Some work for stock exchanges, some become hedge fund advisors and others become business managers for investment companies. Taking the CMT exam is the first step to mastering your knowledge of technical analysis. Know what is required to become a technician and pass the exam first.

Once you’ve received all of the training necessary to become a CMT, you can develop a lucrative career that’s rewarding in many ways.