Bingo Wings Exercises – How to Get Rid of Bingo Wings

Training for the upper body in the case of males is relatively easy than the lower body. However, it is not the same in case of females since a lot of fat deposits occur in the arm area. Bingo wings are one such issue that is difficult to cut down in women which particularly takes down the summer body goals to a large extent.

Image Credit : Photo by Alex Hockett on Unsplash

See this guide with videos to getting rid of Bingo Wings!

Sleeveless or short sleeved clothing becomes much more difficult when it comes to this issue. Though, you do not need to panic because there are a few exercises that deal with this issue particularly. Most of the exercises are weight training based and can be easily carried out even if you do not hit the gym.

Biceps Curl Alternatives – This is one of the most popular and mostly suggested by fitness experts to cut down the fat around your triceps. Stand straight with a suitable pair of dumbbells in both of your hand. Raise one hand while you keep the tension on the other and repeat the same for 8 to 12 times with proper sets.

Frontal Raise – An exercise that directly hits the core of your triceps and those bingo wings? This is the one you are looking for then. This would help you directly sculpt that desired area for your summer body arms. Stand straight with 2 dumbbells in either of your hands, let at rest and the other hand forming a 90-degree angle with your body to act on the core area of your triceps. Repeat for proportionate sets up to which you can manage.

Lateral Raise – A continuation of the previous exercise in which you take the same dumbbells and stand upright. Raise both of your hands while forming a 180-degree angle with your body. Hold the weight for a brief time before slowly taking it down.

Shoulder Press with machine or dumbbells – If you are a gym person, this would be easy to do because you can use the shoulder press machine directly. It lets you train your shoulder and triceps effortlessly. However, if you want to try it out at home with only dumbbells then hold the dumbbells in your hands and face them to your eye level, then push them up from that angle towards the ceiling and slowly bring them down. Repeat this exercise for as long as the tension stays in your shoulder area.

Push-ups – A commonly used exercise that can literally be performed by anyone. Use your feet and palms to support your body and use your body weight to pull yourself up and down to train your arms.

Make sure that you use all your weights correctly by knowing the right balance – neither too less and too much weight. The reps can be 8, 10 or 12 with sets varying between 2, 3 or 12 respectively depending upon your fitness level. This way, you can train yourself to remove the bingo wings without hurting yourself while working out.

Drink enough water to facilitate your workout sessions.